Whether it’s the middle of summer or a really warm day in the fall, an air conditioner keeps your home or property cool and breezy. We repair, install, and perform maintenance services on all kinds of air conditioners to ensure we can solve any of your air conditioning needs.  

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Did you see that brand new AC unit at the local hardware store yesterday? Guess you may be in need of an installation technician to ensure it’s installed correctly. Improperly installed Air Conditioning units, whether they be centralized units, outdoor units, or window units, pose a real threat if they aren’t installed properly. At Man with a Wrench, our team of certified experts have been installing Air Conditioning units for decades and have never run into an issue they couldn’t resolve.

Between faulty line hookups to insufficient stability, there is a range of problems that can arise from faulty installation practices, our technicians will install the unit hassle and issue-free. No matter the brand, make, or model, our air conditioning installation team can hook up the unit quickly and efficiently. Some of our common AC installation practices include: 

  • Sanitization and cleaning of the surrounding area 
  • Efficient installation tactics 
  • Securement of the unit no matter the place
  • Review and safety checks after installation 
Air Conditioning Installation
AC Maintenance


Is your air conditioner or centralized air unit on the fritz? A malfunctioning AC unit in the middle of summer could be a huge inconvenience and could be potentially dangerous If you house the young or elderly. Air conditioning units provide us with a break from the heat, without this, your guests or customers will be hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.

At Man with a Wrench, our team of expert Air Conditioning technicians have been servicing centralized air units for decades, we’ve come across every issue you could think of and have been able to fix the problem every time. AC maintenance is essential to keeping your unit healthy and prolonging its lifespan, without this, it may break down constantly putting you, your family, and your guests in an uncomfortable situation. Some of our AC maintenance common practices include: 

  • Air Conditioning Vent Cleaning 
  • Air Conditioning Rewiring 
  • Conditioning Relocation 



The filter in your Air conditioning unit or centralized air system must be changed every season, otherwise, dirt and grime begin to build up causing the unit to produce horrid smells and causes malfunctions. Although it is easy to forget, your AC unit needs to be as well maintained as every other HVAC system you have in your household or property, otherwise, the Air Conditioning unit may break down completely.

Our team of expert air conditioning technicians has been performing maintenance solutions for years, from replacing filters to simply cleaning them. Always remember to properly maintain your AC unit and change the filter, especially before the summer months, otherwise the unit will break down and may even catch fire. If you feel forgetful about your AC, Man with a Wrench is here to help. Some of our common AC filter maintenance solutions include: 

  • Filter replacement 
  • Filter cleaning 
  • Filter installation
AC Filter
AC Vent


Is your AC unit failing to push out air the way it used to? Does it sometimes smell like something is burning when you turn on your Air Conditioning? Although this can be caused by a range of different issues, such as a worn-out filter, the most common cause is a broken or clogged-up vent. Air conditioning units and centralized air units both rely on their vents to not only exhaust air but also to suck up air.

If your AC vent is busted or dirty it can cause the unit to malfunction, and in some cases, completely break down. At Man with a Wrench, our team of Air Conditioning experts can repair any kind of AC issue you may be facing. On top of repair and replacing broken vents we also offer vent cleaning services and maintenance to ensure that your Air conditioning unit is in tip-top shape. Some of our common AC vent services include: 

  • Air Conditioning Vent Replacement 
  • Air Conditioning Vent Cleaning 
  • Air Conditioning Vent Repair 
  • Air Conditioning Vent Installation


Outdoor Air Conditioning units are great, they are powerful and easily hidden, unfortunately, due to the fact that they are outside, they commonly get damaged by the elements. Whether or not you cover it with a tarp when not in use, outdoor Air Conditioning units can get damaged by all the weather we Canadians face year-round. From snowstorms to ice storms, thundershowers and tornados, Canada’s environment are not all AC unit friendly. These units commonly get damaged during the off-season, when you’re ready to turn it on for the summer, it fails to even get started. At Man with a Wrench, our team of Air Conditioning experts understands all of the hardships your outdoor AC unit faces year-round and has the necessary tools to get it back up and running again. Whether it be for residential or commercial use, we provide air conditioning services perfect for your needs. Some of our outdoor unit services include: 

  • Outdoor Air Conditioner Installation
  • Outdoor Air Conditioner Maintenance 
  • Outdoor Air Conditioner Repairs 
  • Outdoor Air Conditioner Tune-ups 

AC Outdoor
AC Fan


Having a faulty fan or compressor on your air conditioning unit can render it practically useless. The compressor on a centralized air unit circulates the coolant that makes the air cold, the fan distributes this air out of the vents spreading the nice cool air. If these two parts are working insufficiently then your AC unit will produce less air and it won’t be able to cool the air at all. Compressors and fans make the AC unit do what it does best, without this your family and guests won’t be able to tell the difference between the heat inside or out. At Man with a Wrench, our team of Air Conditioning experts comes equipped with the necessary tools to repair or replace your fan or condenser. Some of our compressor and fan maintenance solutions include: 

  • Fan Replacement 
  • Compressor Replacement 
  • Fan Cleaning 
  • Compressor Tune-up 
  • Fan/Compressor Installation

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Is your air conditioner malfunctioning and causes you a lot of issues? Air conditioners can malfunction for a range of reasons and always at the most inconvenient times. At Man with a Wrench we offer same day air conditioning services to fix any issue that may arise whenever it arises. Book a free virtual consult below.

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