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I’m torn. Do I mention the Maytag repair man and possibly include a reference that shows my age? Or should I avoid mentioning the old ads simply because they weren’t true at all? Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, I guess I have to mention it. The old joke was that the Maytag repair guy was constantly bored because Maytag appliances never have problems. Ha! The only way that ad was true was if the Maytag guy lived in Tuktoyuktuk and everyone in the village had an LG appliance. We’re certainly busy enough with all the Maytag calls we get that if you ever see that guy tell him there’s a position with us on offer.

Ok, Maytag man, this one’s for you. It turns out that Maytags actually do breakdown a lot, at least judging by the number of Maytag parts we go through repairing them all over the GTA. And if your Maytag washer problems are getting you down or your Maytag fridge isn’t so hot, you can always give us a call.

Which XBRAND appliance is broken?


Washing machine repair:

  • washer may not be spinning.
  • washer may not drain effectively.
  • washer drum may fail to turn at all.
  • washer may be producing excessive noise.

Refrigerator repair:

  • refrigerator stopped working completely.
  • strange noises from inside or back of the fridge.
  • refrigerator appears to “sweat” on the outside.

Dryer repair:

  • dryer doesn’t turn on or off.
  • clothes take too long to dry inside dryer.
  • my dryer works, but doesn’t get hot.

Oven repair:

  • oven doesn’t turn on or off.
  • oven convection fan doesn’t work.
  • oven takes too long to preheat oven door does not form close well.

Dishwasher repair:

  • my dishwasher cycles for too long.
  • dishes stay wet and aren’t drying.
  • the dishwasher dispenser is leaking dishwasher does not complete cycles.

Stove repair:

  • oven or stove doesn’t turn on or off.
  • cooktop / stove makes too much noise.
  • cooktop burner flame is too low or too high I smell gas beside stove cooktop’s.

About MAYTAG Appliances

I’ll say one thing. The advertising really worked. People really believe that their Maytag appliances won’t break down. So, they bought them up. Now, when we hear someone needs Maytag washer repair, we get this confused look on people’s faces, like they honestly believed it would outlive their grandchildren. Not that we’re complaining because it keeps us busy fixing your appliances all over Toronto. Thanks, Maytag man!

Oven & Stovetop Repair & Troubleshooting

Fridge Repair Repair & Troubleshooting

Dishwasher Repair & Troubleshooting




Maytag In The Kitchen

The biggest culprit of that confused look is the Maytag dishwashers. Repairs that could easily have been avoided by a clean filter or a rinse cycle every now and then have us meeting people in their homes. They call on us because they couldn’t find the Maytag man in the Yellow Pages. But these days, it’s as hard to find a Yellow Pages as it would be to find a Maytag man. Good thing we’re here to work on al your Maytag repairs in the kitchen, from the fridge, the oven, and of course, the dishwasher.

Maytag In The Laundry

Have you ever thought that your dryer wasn’t getting your clothes completely dry? You probably have a Maytag dryer then. We find that the dryers work as well as the actual Maytag man. Purely for show, not an actual reliable character, and leaves you feeling a little icky. Our technicians more than make up for Mr. Maytag’s lack of presence. In fact, we’re all over the city, from one end of Toronto to the other. Call us today and we can have one of our techs ready for action the very next day. If you have problems with your Maytag appliance repairs, we’re the guys to call.

Better Than The Maytag Man

We asked about getting that sewn into our shirts, but the logo company said it would cost too much. That’s OK. We’ll settle for actually showing up on time, doing quality work with 100% genuine parts, and leaving you with a satisfaction guarantee that protects you from having to call us again any time soon.

Need an estimate on your Maytag appliances throughout your home? Call us today to get a no-hassle, no-obligation quote and we’ll follow through with a visit the very next day. Just don’t call us the Maytag Man. That offends us.


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