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A malfunctioning dryer can cause inconvenience and frustration, which is why having reliable and efficient dryer repair services available in Oshawa is crucial. If you’re experiencing issues with your dryer, it’s time to call Man With A Wrench reliable and efficient repair service available in Oshawa.

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Dryer Repair Oshawa

Same Day Dryer Repair Oshawa

If you need urgent Oshawa dryer repair services, we offer same-day repair services. We understand the inconvenience a broken dryer can cause and strive to provide quick and efficient solutions to get your dryer up and running as soon as possible. Call us today for same-day dryer repair services in Oshawa.

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Searching For Dryer Repair Oshawa?

Different Types Of Dryer We Repair in Oshawa 

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Quality Appliance Repair: Our Dryer Repair Services in Oshawa

Common Dryer Problems & Issues in Oshawa

Some common dryer problems in Oshawa include the dryer not starting, no heat, or not drying clothes properly. Other issues may include faulty thermostats, clogged lint filters, or broken belts. A professional dryer repair service in Oshawa can quickly diagnose and repair these issues to get your dryer running efficiently again.

Man with a Wrench provides appliance repair services for both residential and commercial clients in Oshawa. We offer repair services for all brands of dryers.

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Common Oshawa Dryer Appliance Replacement Parts

If your dryer requires replacement parts, we are a professional dryer repair service in Oshawa that provides you with high-quality, genuine parts. Common replacement parts include:

  • thermostats,
  • heating elements,
  • belts,
  • drum rollers,
    which are essential for ensuring that your dryer functions correctly and efficiently.

Do you require professional assistance with repairing your dryer? Get in touch with us to speak with an agent and explore our exceptional services. We provide dryer repair services throughout Oshawa and can repair your dryer regardless of its make and model. Contact us to schedule an appointment with a certified technician who is supported by a robust warranty and guarantee for your repairs. Call us now!

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Appliance Repair Services Your Local Dryer Repair Service in Oshawa 

Your local Oshawa dryer repair service offers comprehensive repair solutions for all brands and models of dryers. With experienced and skilled technicians, we can quickly diagnose and repair any issue you may have. Our efficient and prompt services ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Gas Dryer Repairs
  • Vented Dryer Repairs
  • Front Loading Dryer Repairs
  • Industrial Dryer Repairs
  • Condenser Dryer Repairs
  • And So Much More

You can either book a service request for free online with our skilled appliance repair technicians or contact us via phone for a prompt and efficient appliance repair service. If you need an urgent dryer repair, you can inquire about our same-day service, and our technicians will assist you as soon as possible.

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Dryer Appliance Brands We Repair

Looking for the perfect Dishwasher repair in Southern Ontario? Unfortunately, no such things exist! Parts get rusty, bolts snap, wires come loose, valves break, and that’s just a start of some of the hard to spot errors with a refrigerator or freezer appliance. Although we don’t claim to be perfect, our decades of appliance repair experience tell a different story. Take a look at some of the quality brands our expert technicians are proud to service.

Some of our commonly serviced quality refrigerator appliance brands include Whirlpool fridge repairs, KitchenAid fridges, Samsung refrigerators, Bosch refrigerators, LG fridges, those fridges that have TV screens in them (why they exist, I don’t know, but we do service them). We service Frigidaire repairs, GE refrigerators, bar fridges, garage fridges, beer fridges (those are my personal favourite), Kenmore fridge repairs, and many more.

We also service a range of other kitchen appliances including stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, wall mounted ovens, freezers, electric stovetops, and many other appliances for both commercial and residential applications. Is there a fridge that we can’t service? Maybe. Remember that fridge from the fourth Indiana Jones movie? The one that survived the nuclear blast. Well we definitely would have been able to fix that appliance before it was used as an escape pod.

Although, some models and makes require specialized tools or specific knowledge of that brand. We always stay up to date with the latest models and trends in our industry to be ready for any type of refrigerator and appliance repair across Toronto & Southern Ontario. For the best appliance service in all of Toronto and the surrounding area, you can count on Man with a Wrench.

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Before Calling Appliance Repair Experts

In these days where it’s simple enough to hop on Google or YouTube, you can easily find guides and tips to becoming your own appliance repair handyman. Not everybody can be a “Bob the Builder”, for the rest of us, there is the internet. If you must repair a refrigerator in Toronto or Southern Ontario, you might be tempted to watch an expert repairman do it flawlessly and think, “Yeah I can do that.”

But can you really fix your own refrigerator? Should you? Can you become a make shift appliance repair person? The answer is yes, almost every common appliance project can be troubleshooted by you, and a YouTube video. But there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before broaching an appliance repair job:

  1. The refrigerator repair jobs done in videos are performed by experts. The technicians on those videos are very skilled at what they do, having done it hundreds of times before, so naturally, they make it look easy.
  2. Those appliance repair videos are edited, spliced, and care to show to only include the repairs that work the first time. They don’t include the bloopers or multiple attempts on the appliance repair, this is also commonly seen on websites.

Your appliance repair project could be a water line that needs to be blowntightened, or a quick temperature adjustment. You get a nice confidence boost when you do the job yourself, but make sure you know what the real appliance issue is before you start acting like Tim Allen.

For all your commercial and residential appliance repairs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, you can count on our quality experts. On top of fridges we also fix other kitchen appliances including stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, wall mounted ovens, freezers, electric stovetops, and many other appliances.

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Some Companies We Work With For Appliance Services

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AC or Heating Maintenance
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Routine Local Dryer Appliance Maintenance in Oshawa

Routine maintenance is crucial for prolonging the life of your dryer. By cleaning the lint filter after every use, inspecting the vents and hoses for blockages or damage, and checking for signs of wear and tear, you can prevent small issues from turning into more significant problems that require expensive repairs.

A professional dryer repair service in Oshawa can provide you with routine maintenance tips and services to ensure your dryer runs smoothly. So, Call us today for routine dryer maintenance services in Oshawa, and our team of dryer experts will be right away.

We have a lot of calls come in for dryer repairs in Toronto, and 80% of the time we figure out what the problem was over the phone. Most of the time, the problem is with the lint. So pull out your dryer, and you’ll see an exhaust hose running out the back of it. Never seen it before? That’s ok, and that’s also the cause of most of your problems.

Remove the hose clamp securing the hose to the dryer and pull it off. There’s every possibility that a giant ball of lint is clogging up either the hose itself or on the inside of the dryer vent. Not finding anything there? That’s alright. Check outside where the vent expels the air outside and you could even find the lint blockage there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved someone a callout by explaining this one simple trick to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dryer repair in Oshawa varies depending on the type of repair needed and the brand and model of the machine. A professional repair service can provide you with an estimate after assessing the issue.

It is recommended to have your dryer serviced once a year to ensure that it is running efficiently and to address any potential issues before they become significant problems.

There are so many possible scenarios as to why your dryer isn’t working. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so that you could talk to one of our helpful staff about your dryer problem. We have technicians all over Southern Ontario and Canada ready to help you find your solution. There’s also a possibility that we could answer your question over the phone. If not, we can arrange an appointment where we’ll be on time and solve your issue on the first attempt.  

It depends on the extent of the damage and the age of the dryer. A professional dryer repair service can assess the situation and provide you with a recommendation.

If your drum is making funny sounds when spinning, make sure that there are no loose items like coins or keys inside. It could be that your load is unbalanced so stop the cycle and try to balance the load, or it could be an issue with the drum itself. 

We give everybody that we work with a 12-month warranty on the repair, part, and labour. Also, if the same problem arises, we’ll fix it for free. Trust our certified technicians with your dryer repairs. You need to know that the techs you call have the experience, the knowledge, and the desire to get your repairs right the first time. Contact us using this form below or call one of our helpful staff to book an appointment. Call us today!

Appliances We Repair By Category

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Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

My tenants called me and advised that the fridge and freezer stopped working. I called Miele and advised that the earliest a service person is available would be in 2 week’s time. By the time I called Man With a Wrench, it was already 6:30pm. Cristina answered the call and was able to arrange for someone to come the next morning. She gave detailed information on how the service will be charged. The service person who came the next morning was professional and courteous. He returned a second time as we needed to thaw the freezer and reset the fridge. He gave great advice on how to avoid the same issues from reoccurring. The charge was reasonable and exactly as quoted. I would highly recommend them.


Richmond Hill, Ontario

After attempting to use other technicians and failing I then decided to obtain the parts myself and use “Man with a Wrench”. When I contacted Chris, he advised me to email him pictures of the parts that I have obtained in order to ensure that I had the correct parts. Thankfully I had all the parts and the same day I had an appointment for the next business day. Despite a severe snow-storm the 2 service technicians (Oleg and Archie) arrived at the allotted time and repaired my microwave. They both wore personal protective equipment and they took the extra precaution of flipping the breaker to the microwave. “Man with a Wrench” was professional, helpful, reliable, and their fee was reasonable. I would have no hesitancy in recommending them to any-one with an appliance issue.


Vaughan, Ontario

From start to finish an equitable, professional service. Prompt response to my request for a quote. The pleasant, helpful woman who called back gave me good flex times the following day. Alex called ahead of time, arrived on time and was just the best fellow! Worked diligently and was mindful of my physical and financial limitations. I am positive I was charged less than standard for fridge and dishwasher repair. Will recommend this place to all of my friends. Thanks again to Alex!


Richmond Hill, Ontario