How To Avoid A Costly Dryer Repair Bill 💣

Grandpa used to say that if you spend money that you don’t need to spend, that’s called “stupid tax”. He used to also say that “Big Government” is the devil, so not all his sayings were so idyllic. But when you can save big bucks on dryer repair in Toronto, it’s a worthy way to keep your cash!

It just takes a little foresight and some elbow grease every now and then and you can avoid the major problems that lead to major invoices. Try following these steps to clean and care for your dryer:

Clean the Lint Trap 👈

Every time you use a dryer, you should clean out your lint trap. I’m not sure why everybody doesn’t do this all day every day. It’s incredibly satisfying to do. You know that sensation when you peel off the plastic from a new screen? You can get that same satisfaction in your lint trap by peeling it all off in one layer.

A clear, clog-free lint trap allows free-flow of the air through the clothes. The first thing to check if your clothes aren’t drying fast enough is that your lint trap is clear and in the proper position. This one regular maintenance step can save you hundreds down the road.

No Dirt In The Dryer 👈

It should go without saying, but your dryer shouldn’t have any dirt in it at all. Keep it clean and dirt-free by putting only clean clothes in the drum. If you use your dryer to heat up clothes or to spin off dirt, that can create build up, affecting the bearings, the belts, and the drum itself. Unless you happen to be supremely handy with tools, this is a major dryer repair for a Toronto technician to handle.

Clean The Vent 👈

This is an oft-overlooked part of the regular maintenance, and it has incredible benefits. Check that your dryer vent hose is clear of kinks, twists, and give it a regular scrub every 6 months.  

Use a long-handled bristle brush to get all the dirt that builds up over time. Give your vent a blowout using a leaf blower or a compressor, if you have one.

Dryer Still Not Working? It May Be Time To Call A Professional!

Despite regular care, you still might need a dryer repair in Toronto. Give us a call to get the experienced professionals at your door. Our first-class service leaves you with a fully-functional dryer and the guarantee that we fix it right the first time, or we come back for free. Our technicians know what your dryer make and model needs. Call us today to book an appointment.  

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