At Man with a wrench, our team of dedicated appliance technicians is experts in the repair, maintenance, and installation of all kinds of dryers. No matter the make or model, our team has got you covered. 

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At Man with a Wrench, we are proud of our honest and transparent Dryer appliance installation, repair, and maintenance services in Toronto. We partner with a range of brands to ensure our team is fully trained to handle any kind of appliance issue you may have. From Miele to Bosch and everything in between, there isn’t a dryer on the market that we can’t fix. We repair a range of dryer types including: 

  • Gas Dryer Repairs
  • Vented Dryer Repairs
  • Front Loading Dryer Repairs
  • Industrial Dryer Repairs
  • Condenser Dryer Repairs
  • And So Much More

Book a free service request below with one of our expert appliance repair technicians or give us a call, we’d be happy to service your appliance quickly and efficiently. In a rush? Ask about our same day dryer repair, one of our techs would be happy to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 




Common Dryer Appliance Repair Issues

Do you know when you should get your dryer repaired? Can you promptly identify the signs before it’s to late? Below is a full rundown of the three most occurring calls that we receive regarding dryer repairs all over Southern Ontario and Toronto.

Noises and Vibrations – The noise your dryer is making could be because of something simple like excess gunk in your blower, which needs to be cleaned, or it could be a warning that the drum needs to be realigned. If the dryer is also vibrating it could be because of an unbalanced load. Stop the cycle and shift your clothes around and see if that fixes the appliance issue.

No Heat in The Dryer – As someone who grew up in Toronto, you come to the realization that you’re not going to be hanging your clothes outside in February. If your dryer has no heat, it could be a sign of a broken heating element, or potentially a busted thermostat.

Clothes Not Drying –  You should be able to immediately figure out when your dryer isn’t working as intended. While it could be because of an overloaded dryer or a lint trap that got clogged, there is a possibility of it being a drum issue or a problem with the thermal fuse. 

Man with a Wrench services both residential and commercial applications across parts of Canada & Toronto for all of their appliance repair needs. Some of the appliances we service include ovens, washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves, microwaves, ranges, gas ovens & stoves, and so much more.

Routine Dryer Appliance Maintenance

After every use, you should clean out the lint trap. Personally, I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t do this everyday. It’s incredibly satisfying to do.

A clear, clog-free lint trap allows free-flow of the air through the clothes. The first thing you need to check if your clothes aren’t being dried is that the lint trap is clean and in proper position. Doing this one maintenance step consistency can save you hundreds down the road.

Keep your dryer clean and dirt-free by putting only clean clothes in the drum. If you use your dryer to heat up clothes or to spin off dirt, that can create build up, affecting the bearings, the belts, and the drum itself. Unless you happen to be supremely handy with tools, this is a major dryer repair for a Toronto technician to handle.

Check that your dryer vent hose is clear of kinks, twists, and give it a regular scrub every 6 months.  Use a long-handled bristle brush to get all the dirt that builds up over time. Give your vent a blowout using a leaf blower or a compressor if you have one. You can even hook up a vacuum to remove any dirt from areas too far into the hose. 

Man with a Wrench services both residential and commercial applications across parts of Canada & Toronto for all of their appliance repair needs. Some of the appliances we service include ovens, washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves, microwaves, ranges, gas ovens & stoves, and so much more.




Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance and extensive-care, there is a chance that you will still need to replace some parts. This can range from simple to more complex parts. You can find most parts online or in your local hardware store. You can even find specialized tools to make your job easier. 

  • Dryer duct cleaning brush
  • Thermal fuses
  • Replacement dials
  • Dryer drum belt
  • Dryer vent hose
  • Hose clamps
  • Lint filters
  • Blower unit
  • Drum rollers
  • Door catches

Want to talk to an expert about your dryer repair? Contact us to speak with an agent and discuss all of our amazing services. We service dryer repairs all over Southern Ontario, and we can handle your make and model. Contact us to book a certified technician with an ironclad warranty and guarantee backing up your repairs. Call us today!

Man with a Wrench services both residential and commercial applications across parts of Canada & Toronto for all of their appliance repair needs. Some of the appliances we service include ovens, washers, dryers, fridges, freezers, stoves, microwaves, ranges, gas ovens & stoves, and so much more.

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Although it is easier to just call an expert to service your appliance, you could save extra time and money by doing it yourself. A lot of dryer issues can be determined by searching it up, so why not give the appliance repair a shot yourself? A few simple DIY tricks and you’ll likely be in the clear with a fully functioning dryer.  

Always Check the Dryer Appliance Lint Trap 

We have a lot of calls come in for dryer repairs in Toronto, and 80% of the time we figure out what the problem was over the phone. Most of the time, the problem is with the lint. So pull out your dryer, and you’ll see an exhaust hose running out the back of it. Never seen it before? That’s ok, and that’s also the cause of most of your problems. 

Remove the hose clamp securing the hose to the dryer and pull it off. There’s every possibility that a giant ball of lint is clogging up either the hose itself or on the inside of the dryer vent. Not finding anything there? That’s alright. Check outside where the vent expels the air outside and you could even find the lint blockage there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved someone a callout by explaining this one simple trick to them.    

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Worried that you won’t have any dry clothes for work? Tired of your best wear always coming out wrinkly? At Man with a Wrench, we offer same day Appliance Repair to ensure that if you’re in a rut, we’ve got you covered. Simply request a service below and one of our techs will be ready to service you as soon as possible. No matter the dryer type or brand, our technicians can handle the job.    



Yes. I cannot stress to you how many problems get solved by constantly cleaning it. Cleanliness is a virtue, and that extends to all your appliances as well. 

Check if your dryer has a “press” setting to keep clothes from wrinkling. Otherwise, use a fabric softener or immediately hang clothes after pulling them out of the dryer. 

There are so many possible scenarios as to why your dryer isn’t working. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so that you could talk to one of our helpful staff about your dryer problem. We have technicians all over Southern Ontario and Canada ready to help you find your solution. There’s also a possibility that we could answer your question over the phone. If not, we can arrange an appointment where we’ll be on time and solve your issue on the first attempt.   

If your clothes aren’t dry, it could be because you overloaded the dryer, or a broken thermal fuse, or a heating element. Always check that the drum is spinning and if there is any heat in your dryer.

If your drum is making funny sounds when spinning, make sure that there are no loose items like coins or keys inside. It could be that your load is unbalanced so stop the cycle and try to balance the load, or it could be an issue with the drum itself. 

We give everybody that we work with a 12-month warranty on the repair, part, and labour. Also, if the same problem arises, we’ll fix it for free. Trust our certified technicians with your dryer repairs. You need to know that the techs you call have the experience, the knowledge, and the desire to get your repairs right the first time. Contact us using this form below or call one of our helpful staff to book an appointment. Call us today!



What Our Customers Say About Our Appliance Services

I requested a video consultation to repair a dryer control dial. Within a few minutes, Man With a Wrench advised me what part I needed to order and how to order it. Saved me a lot of money with this consult, I can’t express how glad I was to save the extra dough. I highly recommend this company.
Vancouver, Ontario
I received a free 20 minute virtual diagnostic service. Alex was extremely knowledgeable, helped me diagnose the problem, which meant I don’t need their service. Thanks for the knowledgeable and honest service — an example for others.
Vaughan, Ontario
AMAZING SERVICE!!!! They really care about their customers! If I ever need Appliance service again , Man With A Wrench will be my first and only call! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your professional service!
Toronto, Ontario


Do you need your dryer repair in Toronto? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. Hold on, what type of dryer do you have? Just kidding, it doesn’t matter. Our certified technicians have worked with every make and model of dryer that you can think of. Don’t worry if you’ve jerry-rigged some new dryer contraption our technicians have probably worked those too. These are just a couple of examples of dryer brands that we work with, in both gas and electric. LG, Whirlpool, Amana, Samsung, GE, Haier, Maytag, Bosch, Electrolux, Speed Queen, Fisher & Paykel, Miele, Kenmore, Asko, Blomberg, Frigidaire.


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