Mississauga Refrigerator Repair Services

Man With a Wrench is a leading service provider of Fridge Repair in Mississauga. With any fridge, unexpected problems with refrigerators may arise, resulting in inconvenience and the possibility of food spoilage. This is where a trustworthy refrigerator repair service in Mississauga can be helpful. Our knowledgeable specialists quickly identify and fix any issue, no matter how small or significant it may be.

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Same Day Fridge Repair In Mississauga

A broken refrigerator is urgent, which is resolved by Quality Appliance Repair. Whenever a refrigerator problem arises, our professionals are available around-the-clock and prepared to identify and fix it. We offer same-day fridge repair services in Mississauga for timely repairs when they happen. With our quick fridge repair services, you won’t have to worry about food spoilage or inconveniences, or it working properly.

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Searching For Refrigerator Repair Services in Mississauga?

Different Types Of Refrigerator We Repair In Mississauga

Our expert team of refrigerator repair technicians in Mississauga is well-equipped to handle various refrigerator types, ensuring your cooling needs are met efficiently.

Quality Appliance Repair: Our Fridge Repair Services in Mississauga

Common Mississauga Refrigerator Appliance Issues

Since refrigerators are complex devices, they occasionally develop a variety of issues. Common problems that Mississauga residents deal with include broken door seals, broken compressors, and clogged condenser coils. Our skilled technicians at Man With a Wrench can easily identify and fix these and other refrigerator problems.

We value having a completely functional refrigerator and strive to identify and resolve even the most complex problems as soon as possible. Man With a Wrench will quickly restore your appliance’s functioning, guaranteeing that it functions properly once more in a short amount of time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you require refrigerator repair services. Call Man With a Wrench today!

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Common Mississauga Appliance Replacement Parts

Appliance Repair Services recongnize that sometimes replacing specific parts is necessary for refrigerator repairs. We have many refrigerator replacement parts, such as compressors, door seals, thermostats, and other parts. Our professionals are adept at quickly and effectively swapping out any damaged components, ensuring that your appliance will be repaired and operating normally in a short amount of time.

We take pride in offering a broad selection of high-quality replacement parts for Mississauga Appliance products. We have the parts you need, whether they are common or harder to find. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service, guarantee that each component is fitted quickly and correctly, and take care of any underlying problems to improve the performance of your appliance.

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Appliance Repair Services Your Local Refrigerator Repair Service Mississauga

The main focus of appliance repair services is repairing refrigerators of various makes and models. We have certified experts on staff who are equipped with the most recent equipment and knowledge to identify and fix any refrigerator issue quickly. We offer same-day fridge repair services because we understand how stressful having a broken refrigerator can be. Let us help you restore your appliance to normal operation as soon as possible.

Some of our common refrigerator repair services include:

  • Temperature Problems
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat
  • Damaged Door Seals
  • Compressor Troubleshooting
  • Cleaning Condenser Coils
  • Water Leak Repairs
  • Ice Maker Maintenance
  • Unusual Noises
  • Electrical Problems
  • Replacement of Faulty Components

It’s important to note that the specific repair services offered may vary depending on the refrigerator’s make and model, as well as the expertise of the technician. But not to worry, We are available 24*7 to repair all kinds of refrigerators.

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Mississauga Kitchen Appliance Brands We Repair

In search of the perfect refrigerator in Ontario? Sadly, there are no such things. Parts rust and fall off, wiring comes loose, valves malfunction—and that’s just the beginning of the difficult-to-find problems with a refrigerator or freezer appliance. Although we don’t claim to be perfect, our years of appliance repair experience speak for themselves. We offer premium brands that our knowledgeable technicians are delighted to support.

Whirlpool refrigerator repairs, KitchenAid refrigerators, Samsung refrigerators, Bosch refrigerators, LG refrigerators, and those refrigerators with TV screens (why these exist, I don’t know, but we do service them) are some of the high-quality refrigerator appliance brands that we frequently fix. We provide repairs for GE refrigerators, Frigidaire refrigerators, garage refrigerators, beer refrigerators (my particular favourites), Kenmore refrigerator repairs, and many more.

For both commercial and domestic uses, we also provide service for a variety of different kitchen equipment, including stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, wall-mounted ovens, freezers, electric stovetops, and many others.

However, some models and manufacturers need specialist equipment or brand-specific knowledge. To be prepared for any refrigerator and appliance repair across Mississauga & Ontario, we always stay up to speed with our field’s latest models and trends. 

Man with a Wrench offers the best appliance repair in all of Mississauga and the surrounding area.

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Before Calling Appliance Repair Experts in Mississauga

Nowadays, it’s easy to jump on Google or YouTube and obtain instructions and advice for becoming an appliance repair handyman. The internet is available to those of us who aren’t “Bob the Builder” s. You may be tempted to see a skilled repairman fix a refrigerator flawlessly in Mississauga or Southern Ontario and conclude, “Yeah, I can do that.”

But can you really repair your own refrigerator? Should you? Can you learn to fix appliances on the side? Yes, you can troubleshoot practically any issue involving a common appliance using a YouTube video. However, there are a few things to consider before starting an appliance repair job:

  1. Experts carry out the refrigerator repairs seen in films. The experts in such films are quite experienced at what they do and have performed it hundreds of times, so it is only logical that they make it appear simple.
  2. These appliance repair videos are carefully edited, spliced and only include fixes that are successful the first time. They exclude the mistakes or repeated tries at appliance repair, which are also frequently observed on websites.

Appliance repair can involve tightening, blowing out a water line, or adjusting a short temperature. Doing the task yourself can give you a wonderful confidence boost, but before you embody Tim Allen, make sure you understand the root appliance issue. 

You can rely on our high-calibre professionals for all your residential and business appliance repairs in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Along with fixing refrigerators, we also fix various other kitchen appliances, including stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, wall-mounted ovens, freezers, and electric stovetops.

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Some Companies We Work With For Appliance Services

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Routine Fridge Appliance Maintenance Mississauga

Maintaining your refrigerator regularly is crucial for optimal performance. Our team of technicians is proficient in carrying out routine maintenance duties, including condenser coil cleaning, door seal inspection, and thermostat adjustment. By scheduling regular maintenance services with us, you can extend the lifespan of your refrigerator and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Contact us now at 1-888-378-2144 for routine fridge appliance maintenance!

The next time you open the refrigerator, check the door and look at the rubber edge seal. For the refrigerator, it’s terrible news if the seal is leaking. The refrigerator must work harder to keep the food cold since cool air is leaking. So, how can you tell if the seal is leaking?

Have a fiver on hand? Place your five dollars inside the refrigerator with the door closed. Take out the bill. If there is no resistance when pulling it out, you might need to replace an outdated gasket. But this is a sign of a healthy seal if your bill remains firmly lodged and requires some effort to remove.

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When you’re hungry, having a full refrigerator is satisfying, but it’s not so satisfying for the cooling systems in your refrigerator. Ensure there isn’t too much obstruction of the refrigerator’s air vents.

Air cannot efficiently cool all interior corners if it cannot circulate. Furthermore, a full refrigerator maintains a colder temperature longer than an empty one. Keep enough food inside your compressor to keep it functioning correctly.

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You might wonder what a condenser is. The condenser is the tubing coils located beneath or at the back of the refrigerator. These tube coils absorb the heat from within the refrigerator and release it into the surrounding air. Clean your condenser thoroughly to get rid of any dust or residue that might obstruct the transfer or place extra strain on your refrigerator’s cooling systems.

These are all simple, inexpensive, and quick repairs. In fact, you can complete them quickly and easily using the household equipment you already have, which may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future repairs and replacements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Colder than warm, and warmer than absolute zero, ideally. A good rule of thumb is to keep your fridge set between 1-3 degrees Celsius (35-40 degrees F).

We give you our solemn guarantee on all our warranties based on parts and labour for a one year term. Even if you have a recurring appliance issue within that year we will repair it at our own cost. Now you can breathe easier!

When your fridge is no longer cool/cold, or there is water leakage pooled around the base of the fridge or you don’t hear that humming sound, this usually means it’s time to call an expert. You can call us anytime at 1-888-454-4840 for the best same day refrigerator repairs.

If at first we don’t succeed, we’ll come back and fix it again for free! Our company prides itself on our same day appliance repairs and online services, give us a call and we’ll jump into action.

If you want to give it the old college try, go for it but before you do give us a call first so that we can walk you through the repair steps. Not every appliance repair is an easy one, but if you think you can do it yourself no harm in trying. If not, give us a call and we’ll do it for you.

Our company is an equal opportunity employer, we pride ourselves on our diverse and unique team of technicians. With years of experience in the appliance repair field and some intense on the job training, our team is capable of handling any of your fridge repair needs. Give us a call for the best appliance repair in Southern Ontario.

Appliances We Repair By Category

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My tenants called me and advised that the fridge and freezer stopped working. I called Miele and advised that the earliest a service person is available would be in 2 week’s time. By the time I called Man With a Wrench, it was already 6:30pm. Cristina answered the call and was able to arrange for someone to come the next morning. She gave detailed information on how the service will be charged. The service person who came the next morning was professional and courteous. He returned a second time as we needed to thaw the freezer and reset the fridge. He gave great advice on how to avoid the same issues from reoccurring. The charge was reasonable and exactly as quoted. I would highly recommend them.


Richmond Hill, Ontario

After attempting to use other technicians and failing I then decided to obtain the parts myself and use “Man with a Wrench”. When I contacted Chris, he advised me to email him pictures of the parts that I have obtained in order to ensure that I had the correct parts. Thankfully I had all the parts and the same day I had an appointment for the next business day. Despite a severe snow-storm the 2 service technicians (Oleg and Archie) arrived at the allotted time and repaired my microwave. They both wore personal protective equipment and they took the extra precaution of flipping the breaker to the microwave. “Man with a Wrench” was professional, helpful, reliable, and their fee was reasonable. I would have no hesitancy in recommending them to any-one with an appliance issue.


Vaughan, Ontario

From start to finish an equitable, professional service. Prompt response to my request for a quote. The pleasant, helpful woman who called back gave me good flex times the following day. Alex called ahead of time, arrived on time and was just the best fellow! Worked diligently and was mindful of my physical and financial limitations. I am positive I was charged less than standard for fridge and dishwasher repair. Will recommend this place to all of my friends. Thanks again to Alex!


Richmond Hill, Ontario