Homeowner’s Guide to Humber Summit Toronto Homes

Humber Summit Toronto is an exclusive residential real estate development located in the King West area of Downtown Toronto. Home to some of the most prominent business elites in the city, the area is also home to a number of luxury high-end residential developments. Owning and maintaining a home can be a lot to handle which is why we put together this guide just for you.  Read on to discover everything you need to know about owning a home in Humber Summit Toronto.

Why Man with a Wrench loves Humber Summit Toronto

We, Man with a Wrench, love our local community neighborhoods such as Humber Summit. We are honored to be part of the team that helps you maintain your home so that you can have many great years in the local community as well as an investment that grows with time. Staying on top of home repairs can be a lot of work and even when we have the best of intentions it is easy to have things fall between the cracks of our busy lives. 

Getting regular manatinance is important for your home. Depending on the age of your home and what materials were used you may have a variety of little things have built up overtime that we can work together to resolve giving you peace of mind and a stable foundation. 

History of Humber Summit Neighborhood in Toronto

Located in the easternmost part of Toronto, Humber Summit is a neighborhood that has a long and storied history. Over the years, the neighborhood has gone through various stages of development, and during that time, it has seen many homes built. Today, the neighborhood is generally characterized by high-end residential developments.

The area that is now Riverbend Park was once a pioneer community, centred around the grist and sawmills. However, as the city boundaries crept closer, the area evolved into a resort community called Riverbend Park. The 1953 merger of North York with other municipalities south of Steeles Avenue to form the regional government of Metropolitan Toronto changed this – and many other aspects- so that today, Riverbend Park is one of Canada’s most popular regions for tourism.

Many Toronto residents moved to the areas around Humber River in 1954 during Hurricane Hazel. This area became home to many people who lived in cottages on the banks of the waterway. Storms and floods frequently swallowed up these homes, but they were finally rebuilt and remain standing today. In 1998, the City of Toronto amalgamated this neighbourhood into its new boundaries.

Today, Humber Summit is a middle-class community. It contains significant Italian and East Indian communities, as well as new Asian families. The residences are generally semi-detached backspaces with built-in garages and front porches decorated with cast-iron railings and elaborate front archways.

Shopping and recreation in Humber Summit Toronto

Shopping in Humber Summit Toronto can be done in a number of ways. One of the main shopping areas in the neighborhood is Bayview Village which is located west of Humber Bluff Road. Other nearby shopping areas include Junction Landing, Lawrence Park, and Forest Hill. Humber Summit also has a number of restaurants, bars, and pubs that are worth visiting when in the neighborhood.

Common housing issues for homes built in Humber Summit Toronto

When it comes to common issues homeowners will face when building a home in Humber Summit Toronto, gutter maintenance is the number one priority. If a home is built on a slab, then the stoneRiverRockGutterCaps are necessary. In addition, copper piping throughout a home is essential. If copper is not used, then the plumbing in the home can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Electrical issues in Humber Summit Toronto

In addition to the general maintenance requirements listed above, many homeowners will also face electrical problems when they first move into their new home. These problems can range from defective switches and lights to out-of-hours power cuts. If a home is located in an area that has a high population density, then power outages can be quite disruptive to everyday life. Humber Summit Toronto has one of the highest population densities in the city, so outages are frequent and quite severe.

Plumbing issues in Humber Summit Toronto

Plumbing issues are relatively common in new homes. This is especially true for fixer-uppers such as homes being built on lots that are large enough to offer a variety of architectural styles. If the homeowner is not careful, then waterlogging can occur, which can lead to expensive water heater repairs and water conservation measures.

Replacing and Repairing Appliances

We are a team of appliance experts who are specially trained to service and repair all types of appliances. We work directly with the top-tier manufacturers so that you can trust in our knowledge and expertise. Our technicians pride themselves on being factory-certified, which means they have passed a rigorous test process to ensure their skills and techniques reflect the quality of products from these companies. Whether it’s repairing or installing appliances, we’re here to help!

Why repairing your home makes it a better investment

Home repair is a very affordable way to maintain and improve your home. This is especially true if your home is in need of cosmetic maintenance or is structurally compromised. Home maintenance is often not considered when a homeowner is deciding how much to spend on their new home. A home that is in need of maintenance, but is on the market for a low price, may not be a good investment. In this case, the money spent on maintenance would have been spent in a worse capacity.

Let Man with a Wrench help

Let us help you maintain your home in Humber Summit Toronto. Our team of technicians is composed of people who have been through the same experiences as you. They are experts in their field and have a lot of knowledge about various topics. You can tell that they really care about what they do- it shows in the way they treat their customers. People often remark how each new interaction with our team is better than the last, because we always strive to be better every day!