Fridge, microwaves, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, and stovetops are just some of the kitchen appliances our team of experts services. We serve all commercial and residential applications across Southern Ontario.

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. If that’s true, and I’m still not sure who says that, that makes our technician team heart surgeons (DISCLAIMER: Not actually heart surgeons). Our job is to keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently. And that means we handle all the service calls for your kitchen appliances. We service:

Our technicians have been trained for any problem you encounter. They also happen to be great at customer service. They show up exactly when they say they will. They are polite and respectful in your home. They even encourage you to watch while they work, asking questions as they demonstrate what they’re doing. We are very transparent and open about the quality of our work. Ask about our movie preferences or opinions on politics, and we probably won’t be as forthcoming. But when it comes to kitchen appliance repair, we can’t talk enough about it.


Fridge Repairs & Installations

Freezer on top. Freezer on the bottom. Double doors. Single doors. Bar fridges. Man cave fridges (my personal favourite). Fridges with glass windows in it so you can see what’s inside. Our job is to look after your fridge, keep everything running smoothly, and keep it fault-free. In fact, because we’ve been hard at work fixing fridges, we created an article that goes into detail about your kitchen fridge. We give you our technicians’ tips and tricks to prolonging the life of your fridge, diagnosing any issues, and doing home repairs if you can. Everything you didn’t know that you ever wanted to know about fridges can be found by following this link.  

Fridge Repair Repair & Troubleshooting

Dishwasher Repairs & Installations

While some families enjoy doing their own dishes in the sink (who are those people?), you swear by your dishwasher and the time it saves you from cleaning up. But cycle after cycle after cycle of cleaning up your grease and grime can take its toll. Food and dirt and bits of dinner get caught in your dishwasher and can cause dramas down the road. Call our specialized technicians who know how to effectively service your dishwasher. As a bonus, we also handle any of your installation needs as well. Can you really trust your husband to do it correctly when he couldn’t even get to your parents’ house without taking a few wrong turns? We have a staff member standing by to take your call on your dishwasher repair and installation appointments.

And because we like you so much, we put together a dishwasher guide to help explain all that we do for your dishwasher. We detail the fixes you do, the maintenance to prevent troubles, and how to spot serious concerns before they get worse. Just follow the link to learn more about your dishwasher.  

Dishwasher Repair & Troubleshooting

Stove and Oven Repairs & Installations

Getting to super hot temperatures. Running flammable gas over a burner. Extremely red hot elements. What could go wrong with your stoves and ovens? As it turns out, a lot. In our experience, the oven is one of the main culprits for the calls we get. We take extra caution dealing with your oven because you need it to work every time you switch it on. 

Get the facts about your stove and the simple steps you can take to save yourself hundreds of dollars. We put together a guide that should explain all the maintenance tips you need, all the repairs you can do on your own, and all the issues you might encounter. Follow the link here to learn more.

Oven & Stovetop Repair & Troubleshooting


More than just repairing your kitchen appliances, we’ve been hard at work getting your new appliances installed as well. Looking to move in a new fridge? Call our team to hook up water lines, adjust temperatures, and make sure the icebox is running smoothly. Need a new oven put in? Call our technicians so that we can install your wall mount, your free-range oven, and all other ovens and stoves. We’ll connect the gas lines, check the hoses, and make sure your oven reaches the temps you set. We install:

  • Fridges
  • Chest Freezers
  • Wall Ovens
  • Ranges
  • And Many More Kitchen Appliances

We install dishwashers as well, connecting the drains and inlet lines to keep that appliance running efficiently and without leaks. More so, preserve your factory warranty with a certified installation that comes with our own warranty on the labour we provide. It’s done right, the first time. Every time.   

Large open kitchen with gray cupboards


Before you run out and call us or another appliance repair technician, there are some steps you can take to fix the issue yourself.

Fridge Overflows

A full refrigerator feels good when you’re hungry, but not so good to the systems running your fridge’s cooling. Watch that you don’t have too much stuff blocking the air vents in the fridge.

If air can’t circulate, it can’t effectively cool all corners inside. It’s also worth noting that a fuller fridge stays cooler than an empty refrigerator. Keep your compressor running smoothly by keeping a good amount of food in there. 

Cleaning your Stove 

As you cook food, grease and crumbs get into the burners of your stove top, clogging up the holes. Remove the burners and give them a good soak and scrub down. Having clean burners not only reduces clogs, but it also prevents fires and odors whenever you cook. 

Is Your Dishwasher Leaking? 

If you still have some puddles after a cycle is complete, that could be due to an old gasket with an improper seal. You can absolutely do this repair at home, removing that old rubber seal and replace it with a new, shiny, well-fitted gasket.  

Once we can determine the cost of the repair, allow us to do an estimate on your dishwasher repair and we’ll clear up the price discrepancy and whether it’s convenient to simply replace the unit altogether.

Green Kitchen with Wall Mount Oven


Worried that you won’t have any clean dishes for your dinner party tonight? Better yet, worried about loosing the thousands of dollars worth of food in your fridge? No worries, our team of expert technicians are more than happy to service your kitchen appliance repair the same day you call. If you’re in a real appliance repair emergency, the Man with a Wrench team has your back.    


We sure do. We can handle your refrigerators, your stovetops, your ovens, and your dishwashers. All brands, makes, models, and types. Our technicians have experience and training in repairing them all. Some brands require special tools or expertise. We have everything we need on board to get your appliances back up and running, no matter what brand, model, or type you have.

If you aren’t sure, you could always just call. Although we do kitchen appliance repairs all over Toronto, we don’t have to come out whenever you call. If you think something’s wrong, and you just want to figure out if you require a pro, just call us.  

Complications can arise that require special skills outside of the range of an everyday handyman. Call the professionals if you need help with your dishwasher model if it’s electrical or plumbing related. If you’re not sure, call us today and we can assess the situation over the phone before we even do a call-out to look at your faulty appliance. 

Yes absolutely. Many repairs can and should be done by you. Not only are they easy, you get a real sense of satisfaction when you repair a little problem and get your kitchen appliances running again. You can read our specific appliance pages for more information. But if ever in doubt, you can always speak to one of our techs on the phone.

Good question. It’s not because we say so. It’s because we give you a complete warranty on all our work. Every part, every hour we spend is backed by a 12-month warranty that gives you the peace of mind that should your exact issue come up again, we’ll come back and fix it for free.

Our company is an equal opportunity employer, we pride ourselves on our diverse staff, and unique team of technicians. With over two decades of experience in the appliance repair industry we are fully capable to handle any of your Dishwasher repair needs. Give us a call to find out more about how we can best service you. 


What Our Customers Say About Us

Ali, a subcontractor for Man With a Wrench, is an excellent technician and very personable. He replaced two parts and our Miele dishwasher is working like new. Very satisfied. I would definitely recommend this company.

Toronto, Ontario
What an excellent experience! We set up a zoom consultation with Alex and he diagnosed our dishwasher problem quickly and then walked us through how to detach, clean and reattach our drain pump – all on video chat.
Vaughan, Ontario
I needed a repair technician for my dishwasher urgently. 
Man with a wrench came within the time frame that was promised. 
Job was done efficiently and the cost was reasonable.
Toronto, Ontario


In saying that, we have been in so many kitchens, it’s actually astounding that we’re not larger than we are. Our trim and svelte figure must be because we’ve been running around doing kitchen appliance repairs in Toronto for years now. In all those years, we’ve handled, serviced, repaired, fixed, and pulled apart just about every brand name of appliance known to man.We service high-end dishwashers like Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, and Bertazzoni dishwasher repairs. We handle everyday brands like GE, Kenmore, Maytag, and KitchenAid. We have extensive experience in Asko, Bosch dishwashers, and Miele. There are even a few brands that you’ve never heard of before, like Fagor, Kucht, and Thor Kitchen.

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