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Why Use A Professional To Install (and Repair) Laundry Appliances? 🔧

If you have been in this business for as long as we have been in Toronto, doing laundry appliance repair and kitchen appliance repair on all the makes and models as we do, you start to see a bit of everything. 

A lot of people we talk to have this mentality that they can do it all themselves. There is no doubt that not everybody needs a professional to install and repair their laundry appliances, but the proportion that does is certainly higher than one may think. 

Maybe people think that it’s as simple as putting a toaster on the counter or plugging in their new phone. While some appliances are easy to understand, there are some things you need to know about your laundry appliances that might deter you from trying it yourself – because the last thing you want is to come home to a flooded house.

Installing The Washer 👈

You don’t really think much about the installation of the washer in your home, and maybe that’s why we get people asking questions about it all the time. That’s fair. Ask away. We love the questions.

But it’s not as simple as just plugging it in and turning it on.

Your washer comes with tubing and hoses to connect to the water source. You’ll need both inlet and outlets for the water, the hot and cold connected, and a working knowledge of the valves on each end. You know how you almost always plug in your USB upside down every time? And then swap it over and it still doesn’t work? Then back to what you had and it works fine? Think how easy it could be to mix up the hoses on your washer if a little memory stick can give us such trouble.

Also, some models require weighted bottoms, not always provided from the store you bought them. Also, to keep your machine from “walking” when you use it, you’ll need to adjust the feet to level the machine.

Washing Machine Repair & Troubleshooting

Installing the Dryer 👈

Your dryer doesn’t have so many hoses as the washer, but it still requires a proper installation. The dryer vent needs to be connected, without kinks, to the venting port of your home. It’s just a couple hose clamps and some adjusting, but it needs to be correct to keep your home safe from excessive hot air.

Also, let’s talk gas dryers. Man, those things can be complicated and we wouldn’t wish their installation on anyone. You need to ensure the seals are tight, that there are no gas leaks, and that your dryer is properly attached to the main supply.

Dryer Repair & Troubleshooting

Is It Time To Call A Professional? 👈

Part of the perk of using a professional for laundry appliance repair is that you don’t need to think about it. Let our friendly techs handle the whole process, beginning to end, show you how it works, and leave you satisfied with our work. Call us today to book an appointment. Our team is standing by.


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