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If clogged drains, running toilets, and high water bills are common issues at your residential or commercial property, contact us immediately. At Man with a Wrench, our certified Markham plumbing team is ready to assist you in all installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our years of expertise have prepared us to resolve any plumbing issue in a timely manner. Because we know how important is for you to be problem-free as soon as possible.

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Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Markham, Ontario, Canada



Our team of expert Markham plumbers at Man with a Wrench can not only resolve any plumbing and drain issue you may be experiencing quickly and efficiently. Our team goes further, offering the highest possible standards in every service job. Our professional work is based on integrity and a set of ethical rules, with 20+ years of outstanding work to back us up. At Man with a Wrench, every repair, maintenance, and installation service is handled by our expert team trained in the latest techniques to offer you a superb service. When you decide to choose us as your plumbing and drain solution provider, you can rely on us because we love our job and we are proud of delivering the best services possible. Furthermore, we can come to you anywhere in the Markham region. If you have trouble with leaky pipes, low water pressure, or a slow draining sink, don’t wait too long to call us. Book a free Virtual Consultation with us today.

An expert Markham plumber from our Man with a Wrench team is waiting for your call to bring you the best service with any sort of plumbing repair, installation, or maintenance project you may have. 

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Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Markham, Ontario, Canada



A lot of places will charge you an arm and a leg before even walking in the front door or for just fixing a simple drain. At Man with a Wrench we want to assist you as much as possible with your plumbing issue, so we’ll take a look at the issue, asses the repair, and give you a quote completely free of charge. So if you choose us or not for your plumbing job, at least the quote didn’t cost you a dime! 

We make sure that you’re covered in case of a faulty part or re-occurrence of the issue. With our warranty policy, you’ll be covered for one-year of parts and labour for any plumbing repair service we do for you. Give us a call today for a free quote. All of your kitchen, washroom, laundry room, sinks, drains and toilets are covered by us.

Our Unique Virtual Diagnostic System allows any of our trained technicians to troubleshoot the plumbing issue virtually, saving you time, money and sometimes, an in-home visit. Plus, we can also provide the same great service over the phone if face time is an issue. From drain issues to water heater issues, we offer virtual consultations across all of Toronto and the GTA.

Our same-day plumbing repair services extend to both residential and commercial applications in the GTA and surrounding areas.  No matter where you are or what your plumbing issue is, we have the right tools and solutions to get the job done.  Our service technicians are a trusted point of contact for all your plumbing repair needs. We offer emergency services across Toronto and areas across Canada.

Everyone has heard of the Four Seasons Hotel, but have you heard that Man with a Wrench is partnered with them for all their appliance repairs? We provide services throughout the commercial sector for major property managers, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, laundromats, retailers, and more. So, when you have an issue with your appliance just remember that we can handle any repair, installation or maintenance service anywhere.

Our technicians and staff members are highly trained in their field because we make sure that they are always on top of their game. We pride ourselves on knowing that their experiences make all the difference in your service repair and that they can handle any of your plumbing repair needs across all of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with no hassle to you. Give us a call to find out more about how we can best service you.


Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Markham, Ontario, Canada



The best plumbing system is the one that you don’t notice when is working properly. Plumbing only comes to your mind when a problem occurs. A clogged drain, lack of water pressure or heat, a running toilet are issues that can disrupt daily life. But don’t stress, Mant with a Wrench is here to assist you. Our certified Markham plumbing team of experts is just a click or phone call away. With 20+ years of delivering the best plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance services, our plumbers are ready to handle any commercial or residential plumbing emergency. Don’t wait until the last minute, plumbing issues are less problematic if resolve promptly. Call us today, we will take care of the rest.

Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Markham, Ontario, Canada
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Alex was quick to reply and thorough with his advice. Alex sent over Nazar, who is very detailed and patient. I called them initially for a leak at the garage water source and to instal new bidets. From that appointment, Nazar found out other leaks that could have caused a lot of water damage. Thanks, Alex and Nazar!
Toronto, Ontario
I used this service and extremely glad about it, master replaced my plumbing – a toilet bowl with a barrel, everything is high quality and promptly, I recommend particular this service for everyone!
Vaughan, Ontario
As a landlord, I use MWAW a lot for ally plumbing needs. Whenever a tenant calls about a faulty facet or clog the Man with a Wrench team is always here quickly and gets the job done perfectly. Highly recommend them.
Toronto, Ontario


Markham located only 30 km from downtown Toronto is a vibrant city with more than 65 cultures and languages merging in it. Consider the High-Tech capital of Canada, large tech companies like IBM, AMD Technologies, and CGI Information Systems called Markham home. Thus, Man with a Wrench is ready and skilled to provide the best plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services to all residents of Markham and the surrounding area. It is no small or big job plumbing service that our licensed team of plumbers can not handle.

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