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Over the years we’ve been working on appliance repairs in the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve found several homes that we’d rather forget. You know those hoarder shows you’ll see on TV every now and then? These are the homes deemed too scary even for them.

So, in the spirit of avoiding unnecessary visits to homes like these, let us bring some wisdom to help you help yourselves with appliance repairs. Simple prevention keeps us from having to wade through 28 years of National Geographics to reach your dryer vents. And a bill. It’s worth it.


Dishwashers – To keep your dishwasher lasting longer, keep it gunk-free. Spend time once a week cleaning out the filters. It’s nasty, yes, but it’s healthy for your dishwasher. Also, avoid running excessively crowded dishwasher loads. Would it hurt you to rinse your cup? No. No it wouldn’t.

Fridge – Try this handy trick. Pull out a fiver from your wallet and put in the door of your fridge as you close it. Now try to pull it out. If your fridge holds on to money like the Alberta Government, your seal is working. However, if you can pull it out easily, you might need to repair the seals. Also, keep your fridge less crowded allowing the air to circulate freely around each shelf and item. This prolongs your motor and keeps the compressor from feeling the effects of being overworked.

Oven – It doesn’t matter where you live in the Greater Toronto Area, appliance repairs can strike at any time. To keep your oven in good running order, make sure to run the self-cleaning function from time to time. Also, if you can remove the burner plates to clean the hot plates, that’s a fun thing to do in your spare time.

Dryer – Those twisty things at the feet of your dryer are there to level out the machine. Use them. Do not be afraid of them. They are your friends.
Washer – Get your washer in better shape by running an empty load with a cup of vinegar in the detergent tray. It will clean the stains and build-up of the machine. It will also help your clothes get cleaner next time. Even better, it keeps us from driving over and doing the same thing we’d tell you in this article.

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Right now, we have someone near you to fix anything you can’t. If prevention hasn’t kept your appliances running, we can help. Call our friendly support team today to get an estimate and an appointment for your nearest technicians. We operate all over the GTA and appliance repairs are our business. Don’t hesitate if you need us. Want to learn more about Man With A Wrench? Read more about amazing services here OR call us today!




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