Appliance Repair Mississauga

I think the first thing you learn about working in Mississauga is learning how to spell it. That’s half the battle. But our Mississauga appliance repair service is more than just using the correct spelling on your address form. Believe it or not, we happen to commit to doing more than the absolute minimum. Far from it, our work on your major appliance repair in Mississauga is backed by the highest craftsmanship we offer.

First Choice in Mississauga Appliance Repair


When we started working in your neighbourhood, we found a friendly environment with great people. It was that atmosphere that inspired us to offer better service, better incentives, and better quality guarantees than any other appliance repair service in Mississauga. It’s worked out quite well as we get more repeat clients than anybody else in the area.

Why is that? Although this sounds suspiciously like blowing our own horn, we’d like to list a few reasons that Mississauga residents are calling us about their major appliance repairs

More Brands Covered

The first thing we learned about appliances here is that you can go into 10 homes and find 20 different brands of appliances. No joke! And so we service every major (and minor) brand that you’d expect to see. KitchenAid, Maytag, GE, LG, Bosch, Miele, Blomberg, Thermador or Sears appliances, these are some of the big hitters in our world. We also offer a complete genuine repair on appliance parts in Mississauga. We have to use genuine parts because of our next big appeal.


Top-Value Warranties

Although the first question we get asked is “Can you come soon?”, the next big question we get is “How can I trust your work?”.

To question one, we’ll be there tomorrow, but same-day is very possible. To question two, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our work. Everything we do is backed up with a guarantee for your 100% satisfaction. Warranties are included with every genuine part we use as well.


Reliable, Speedy Service

Want someone there tomorrow? We can do that. Call us right now and we could even have someone in around the corner in Mississauga right now. Our friendly technicians take time to give you an estimate, explain what they do, and make sure you’re completely happy.

If you’d like to arrange better Mississauga appliance repairs, call us today to speak to a live consultant to book your appointment right now.


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