Appliance Repair North York

Partially because we care about our community, and more partially because we don’t want frivolous calls for appliance repairs in North York, let us give out some of the wisdom that we’ve picked up over the years. These helpful tips should prevent you from needing our services too soon.

Appliance Repair Prevention


They say the best defence is a good offence. I doubt the Maple Leafs understand this, but it works in North York appliance repairs. If you can be slightly proactive, you’ll avoid the major headaches later on.

Clean filters – In your furnace, your dryer, and your dishwasher, your filters are picking up bits and pieces of gunk that collect over time. If you can clean those filters, you can save the hassle of a broken down motor trying to work through a clogged filter. It’s gross, but it works.

Organize your fridge – if you have good airflow in a neatly stacked fridge, you can prolong the life of your compressor and motor. Some of you have food in your fridge so long that they are developing primitive civilizations. Clean it out, people, and your fridge will thank you.

Level it out – For some reason, your appliances work better when they’re on the level. Dryers and washing machines can cause a real racket bouncing around if you don’t level out the feet. Go to your laundry right now, and check this because it could save you a phone call and a room full of water.

Call for help – If you don’t know, don’t guess. Some appliances can be tricky and require more than just basic maintenance. Our helpful team is in North York for appliance repairs right now. We have actual humans answering your calls, and we can advise you over the phone if you need it. Otherwise, we can make an easy booking to visit you the next day.



Better North York Appliance Repairs

Use the team that offers better guarantees, uses 100% genuine parts on your appliances, and knows each and every model and make you use. Appliance repairs in North York are our specialty. Call now for your estimate on your appliance repairs and we’ll make a booking right now.


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