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We all know that Scarborough is where they house all the animals. And I totally mean the Zoo and not some of the clients we’ve had there. No, our Scarborough appliance repairs have always been one of our favourite areas to work in. We love the different feel of the community and the wide range of houses here. We love the diversity of Scarborough. Not of the people living here, but of all the appliances we get to work on.

I mean, you work in some other neighbourhoods like Markham, Brampton, or Mississauga, and the appliances are all the same. But when our techs get a call in Scarborough, it could be a fancy Thermador 60” oven in a house overlooking the water, or a Kitchenaid fridge on the fritz, or a Bosch washer with problems. It keeps us on our toes and it means the appliance parts in Scarborough have to be all in the truck for whatever call we get.

Scarborough Appliance Services

Yes, we service anything and everything, all makes and models and brands. Call us to get an estimate on your repairs. Better yet, call us for some tips on how to prevent repairs from occurring. Bet you didn’t think you’d find that in a Scarborough Ontario appliance repairs team.

The professional technicians of our team often advise that simple steps keep your appliance working better for longer, but that not a lot of Scarborough residents know what to do. Try these steps to prolong the life of your LG, extend your Electrolux, or maintain your Miele.



Clean appliances are happy appliances.

The more often you clean out filter traps, rinse off dirt and grime, or scrub build-up in your appliances, the less the motors have to work. It’s a 5-minute job every two weeks to clean out the dishwasher filter or run a sponge over the burners.

Lighter Loads > Fewer Loads.

You might think that by piling up your washer, dryer, or dishwasher with huge loads so that you run them less often sounds better. But counterintuitively, the lighter loads more often actually make your appliance happier.

Seek Professionals.

Once in a while, we’ll get a call from a frustrated wife that her husband has ruined their fridge trying to pull it apart. Yes, there are tasks you can and should do on our own. For the big stuff, call us. We can’t keep you out of the doghouse if you messed up. But at least we can fix what you broke when you were trying to fix it.

Want to learn more about Man With A Wrench? Read more about amazing services here OR call us today to book an appointment, get an estimate, or ask a question. We’re ready all over Scarborough to meet your appliance needs.


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