Warranty: Policy & Inquiries

Our expert technicians care about getting your appliance fixed properly and effectively on their first try and they will do everything in their power to do so. But every now and then some machines just act stubbornly and the issue comes back. Thankfully, we offer industry-leading parts and labour warranty to protect your appliance, wallet, and sanity in these instances.


  • All orders get a 3-month warranty on labour. If the same issue comes back, our technicians come back free of charge, and keep coming back until the job is complete. That’s a guarantee.
  • No refunds – we only hire the best technicians, and they need to be paid for their time, expertise, gas and car expenses.


Warranty for Mechanical components

(i.e. Motor, pump, infinity switch, etc.)

    • 1-year warranty
    • Does not cover damages incurred by the user

Warranty for Electrical Components

(i.e. main control boards, replay boards, user control)

    • Electrical components NOT covered by a warranty
      • Why? – It’s just not possible to trace the reason for the damage. Electrical components can fail due to a defective electrical panel, thunderstorm or even maintenance to city generators. For this reason, the appliance market does not take responsibility for them and no refunds can be offered by the supplier or the manufacturer after installation of the board.
      • Boards are NOT diagnosable due to the fact that they have hundreds of components on them and it takes a totally different profession to repair and diagnose the board itself. Logistically, to fix a board usually takes more time and money than simply replacing the appliance itself.
      • Therefore, there are also no refunds on electrical components.

We Care

Our unwavering commitment to quality service at a reasonable price guarantees you'll always get the highest return on your investment when you turn to Man With A Wrench Services.


Planned Maintenance

In addition to equipment service and repair, we offer planned maintenance to identify small and/or emerging problems before they develop into a costly emergency repair.

Do you have a warranty inquiry?

We are happy to help any customer new or old and get your appliance back to tip-top shape. If you have had an appliance repair order from us in the last 12 months and the same issue came back, and fit within the criteria of the above warranty policy – please contact us via the form below:

Warranty Inquiry
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