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From apartment building to hotels and every other type of commercial buildings in between, our team of electrical experts are fully equipped to install, repair, or maintain any of your electrical applications across all of Southern Ontario and beyond. 

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A critical component to sustain electrical power and prevent outages. It is a device that can alter the level of voltage (current) between circuits. Transformers are used vastly across the globe, in your commercial business or residential housing and more. Transfer through electromagnetic induction, power without change in frequency and two circuits that are linked by induction. Can transfer electrical power through wires for long distances and are used as voltage regulators, So, if you are ever out and about and you see an electrician working around a huge box along the sidewalk, he is testing and maintaining the transformer to make sure that power is distributed where it needs to be. Make sure you aren’t too close, otherwise, sparks might go off in your direction. Some of our common transformer services include: 

  • Transformer Repairs
  • Transformer Testing 
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • And many more transformer services 


Ever watch an episode of Greys Anatomy or any hospital show on TV and there’s a big storm that causes a power outage, and everyone yells it’s okay because the generator will kick in? That’s true because this is your backup supply for power. Pretty much every commercial business has one or should have one in cases of emergency. Many places don’t have regular power like major cities and have to rely on generators for self-sustainment for remote areas, workstations, radar stations and more. Always remember that your generator should be performing at its top level and keep it always maintained because you never know when you might need to use it. Some of our generator services include: 

  • Generator Repairs 
  • Generator Maintenance
  • Generator Installation
  • And Many other generator services 


 Organizations require intruder detection to secure against thieves and vandals. Top-performing security systems can help safeguard staff and property for peace of mind. And, surely your insurance company will be glad that you are protected. There are several types of security systems all monitored by Security companies and in-house security teams. From standard video surveillance, access control using swipe cards to building automation throughout your facility. Whatever the type of security your company uses, always make sure that your system is functioning properly with regular maintenance and check-ups. Some common security systems we install include: Electric Current Alarm System.

  • Wired Alarm System
  • Wireless Alarm System
  • Unmonitored Alarm System
  • Monitored Alarm System
Security System
Computer Wires
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Tired of fighting with your printer for hours just to get that last report printed out? It’s probably not your printers’ fault, faulty computer cabling can make your computer and connected appliances fail but it’s not the devices’ fault. Wiring is essential for larger commercial applications as wiring an entire building is much more complicated than wiring a house. Commercial applications such as hotels or apartment buildings require a large amount of computer network cabling as each unit must have access to LAN & fibre optic connectors. Our team of master electricians have spent years in the electrical field working with a range of property management companies across Ontario servicing all of their computer cablings needs to ensure the entire building is efficiently wired for computer cabling access. Some of the types of cabling our electrical experts commonly install include: 

  • Coaxial Cable Installation
  • Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Installation
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation 
  • Network Cable Installation
  • And Many More 


Whether you’re working in a restaurant or running an entire hotel Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are absolutely essential to the proficient safety of all of your staff and guests. Managing a property? Fires can be caused for a range of reasons and may take longer to be noticed on a larger property. Our team of electrical experts will ensure that your entire smoke or carbon monoxide system is efficiently installed so that no matter the emergency, the detectors will work properly. Our team of electrical experts has serviced commercial properties across Southern Ontario ensuring that all of their carbon and smoke detectors are working, well maintained, and installed in an effective manner. We install a range of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors including: 

  • Ionized Detectors
  • Photoelectric Detectors 
  • Dual Detectors
  • Industrial Detector Systems
  • And many other smoke & carbon monoxides detector types


White smoke detector
Surge Protectors


Construction sites, apartment buildings, and even technology companies, these are just a few commercial applications that need both surge and GFCI protection. As electricians, we understand the dangers of electricals surges, live wires, and the potential hazards of any kind of open-ended electrical wiring. GFCI protection is simply protection for extension cords and electrical conductors that handle a large amount of electrical conduction at once. Surge protection is simply protection against external factors such as lightning strikes or power outages. Either way, if you own or manage a commercial property you need to ensure that your property is effectively protected. Our team of electrical experts wants to ensure that your property is always protected that’s why we always guarantee perfection and offer a 1-year warranty on all labour and parts. Some of the surge and GFCI protection devices we commonly install include: 

  • Surge Plugin Protectors 
  • Surge Protector Stripes 
  • Surge Shielding Protectors
  • GFCI Circuit Protector 


Same Day Electrical Repairs


Are your tenants constantly complaining about loosing power? Are you struggling to keep your generators in working condition? Your property is just as important to you as it is to us, we want to ensure that your commercial property is always in great working order. We offer same day emergency electrical repairs so if your property is in need of electrical assistance, we’ve got your covered. From surge protection to smoke detector installation, our team of electrical experts have got you covered. 

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