Why Your Dryer is Making Loud Noises? Top 6 Reasons You Should Watch Out For

Dryers are essential appliances in our homes – they assist us in saving time when washing our many pieces of clothes that can otherwise take a lot of our time. Thanks to dryers, we can keep our clothes completely parched, warm and soft. And it is a headache when we hear loud noises coming from this appliance – after all, nobody wants their dryer to malfunction and break down when they need it most!

What Could Be Causing Loud Noises on Your Dryer? 

If you ever start hearing that your dryer is making loud noises, pay attention to what kind of noise it is – the frequency, the sound, the speed. All  of these factors can provide you with hints about what exact part of your dryer is faulty. You may need to repair your dryer or make a replacement.

Here are some examples of noises your dryer can make and what exactly is causing them:

Top 6 Reasons Your Dryer Making Noises Could Be

Reason #1: Squeaky Noises and Drum Rollers

If you hear your dryer making back-and-forth noises such as thumping or squeaking, pay attention to its drum rollers and its axles. A very common reason for such unusual noises in a dryer is due to worn-out or damaged parts – and it wouldn’t be different with drum rollers. After all, the rollers support the dryer’s drum while it turns your laundry around and, when those are damaged, they generate a squeaking noise.

Drum rollers usually spin effortlessly and, upon examination, you may notice that if the rollers are worn out, then the axles are very likely to be worned out as well.  You can manually turn your drum to see what part is causing the squeaking or thumping noise – and replace what is needed to be replaced.

Reason #2: Thumping Noises and Drive Belts

A thumping noise is generated by faulty drive belts. A dryer’s drive belt can become damaged or worn out due to wear and tear, making unusual noises whenever the drum rollers turn – when the drive belts are damaged, they cannot properly turn the drum rollers.

The good part? Drive belts are extremely easy to remove and replace. A good indication that drive belts need replacement is if belt fragments are found inside the dryer – and, in order to find them, you must open up your dryer and see that the belt will be wrapped on the drum and threaded around the idler pulley over the drive shaft.

Reason #3: Squeaky Noises and Idler Pulley

The idler pulley works hand-in-hand with the drive belt – the drive belt can operate seamlessly thanks to the tension the idler pulley provides on the drum, preventing slippage. Since the drive belt is threaded around the idler pulley, if one of the two is damaged, it means the other is damaged as well.

Idle pulleys suffer wear and tear with every use, so it is important for homeowners to pay close attention to this part of their dryers. When faulty, an idler pulley makes a very loud squeaky noise, progressing to a thumping or scraping noise if not looked into.

If you want to take a look at your idler pulley in order to identify if this is the one causing an issue, remove your dryer cabinet and then your drive belt. Upon removing it, you can manually turn the pulley and check if this part is the cause for the squeaking noise – if so, it needs to be replaced.

Reason #4: Drum Glides, Drum Bearings and Grinding Noises

The drum glides support the drum rolls, and the drum bearings suffer with wear and tear. Drum glides are small pieces of plastic in which the drum rollers slide in while rotating and, when the rollers are worned out, the sliding on the drum glides consequently generate a grinding noise.

The drum glides require dryer cabinet removal in order for the glides to be assessed – some glides need to be drilled while others can be easily unscrewed. If the glides show signs of wear and tear, replacement is recommended

The drum bearing supports the dryer drum. In a similar fashion as it happens with drum glides, the grinding noises come from drum bearings when the dryer drums are worn out. To check the drum bearings, you must also remove the dryer cabinet and take the drive belt off in order to take a closer look at the drum. If the dryer drum is not turning properly, it means that the drum bearing needs replacement.

Reason #5: Drive Motors and Different Sounds

The drive motor of a dryer makes different loud noises depending on the damage. Drive motors are responsible for turning the drums and blower wheels of a dryer and can make squealing sounds, humming sounds or rattling noises.

If the drum bearings are faulty, the drive motor will produce a squealing noise, a humming sound if it is a simple faulty switch or, in more serious cases, the rattling noise comes when the motor pulley is loose.

Reason #6: Blower Wheels and Rumbling Noises

The blower wheel assists air flowing from dryer drum and all the way out to the vent. If this part is faulty or when small components of clothing get stuck and generate obstruction, the blower wheel makes strange rumbling noises. Blower wheels also cause rumbling noises if they are loose or unbalanced.

You can easily diagnose any potential issues with blower wheels by turning off your dryer and observing to hear any rumbling noises – you can also turn the wheel manually. If the sound persists, it is very likely that the blower wheel is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

How Man With a Wrench Fixes Your Faulty Dryer

We provide same-day dryer repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. If your dryer has no heat, is not drying your laundry properly or is making noises, do not hesitate to contact us.

We replace any faulty part that is creating squeaking or thumping noises. At Man With a Wrench, our technicians check for what is causing the loud noises that worry clients so much, in order to address the issue and make any necessary replacements.

Our Man With a Wrench professionals replace damaged or faulty drum rollers, vent hoses, thermal fuses, dry belts, dials, lint filters, hose clamps, blower wheels, motors, drum slides – and many others.

We also offer constant routine checks and maintenance, to ensure your dryer appliance is functioning properly. Book a virtual diagnostic now.

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When do I need to repair my dryer drum?

If your drum roller is making squeaking noises, ensure no loose items were left in your dryer and balance your laundry load. If the issue persists, it is very likely that your drum rollers will need replacement!

Why isn’t my dryer properly drying?

There are a number of reasons why your dryer is not drying correctly. By giving us a call, we can provide you with quick and efficient assistance, or we can go to your house on the same day and fix your dryer right away!

How long does it take Man With a Wrench to repair my dryer?

When we offer repairs, we offer a 12-month warranty as well! And, if any issue with your dryer arises again, we fix it for free. Call us today!