If you’re looking for whirlpool washer repair services in the Greater Toronto Area, Man With a Wrench is the best choice. We have experienced professionals with years of experience working with whirlpool appliances who are ready to serve your every whirlpool washer repair need. With industry standard products and processes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your whirlpool washer is up and running in no time. And if that’s not enough, the technicians come backed with a warranty on all their work and will maintain contact throughout the entire process for the utmost convenience.

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If you live in Toronto and need your whirlpool washer repaired the same day, look no further! Our professional repair service is geared towards providing you with swift and efficient whirlpool washing machine repairs. Our knowledgeable technicians are able to identify the issues and provide fast solutions at your convenience. We understand how important it is that your appliance is back up and running in no time at all, so don’t wait any longer and call us now.

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Man with a Wrench was started one day about 4 years ago by one man and one wrench for appliance repair. Now we’ve grown to be a one-stop-shop for all your Appliance, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical needs. Our team of experts is well trained and certified in handling any of your residential or commercial needs. Our Appliance Repair service is offered for all kinds of appliances, including but not limited to washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves. Stove tops and ovens too. With years of experience with appliance repair service training, our team of expert technicians is happy to help you resolve your appliance repair issue. There isn’t an appliance we can’t fix. Often we can even do it the same day.

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Finding whirlpool washer repair in Toronto can be daunting. Whether you live in the city limits or one of the suburbs, there’s a solution for you. At Man with a Wrench, we specialize in whirlpool washer repair and have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years. Our knowledgeable technicians are experienced with whirlpool products and can quickly diagnose and fix your appliance issues. We’ll work on finding cost-effective solutions to help get your whirlpool washer back up and running efficiently and effectively – because we understand our clients’ homes are important to them, and so is their time. With convenient locations around the GTA, turn to us for the whirlpool repairs you need.

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Whirlpool washing machines are renowned for their reliability, but even the best appliances may experience issues. Common problems associated with Whirlpool washing machines can include draining and spinning issues, machine not filling or heating properly, unusual sounds during operation or errors displayed on the control panel. When maintenance is required for a whirlpool washer, it’s important to seek out whirlpool washer repair in Toronto from a qualified technician. Repairing whirlpool WASHING MACHINE malfunctions can require specific components and expertise, so it’s best to have a certified expert conduct your whirlpool washer repairs. Contact your local whirlpool repair specialist today to ensure optimum performance of your valuable whirlpool WASHING MACHINE.

All you have to do is call to request us a quote for our service, explain your problem, and we will go to your aid on the same day.

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Regularly maintaining your whirlpool washing machine can help to ensure that it is running efficiently and extending its longevity. Whirlpool washer repair in Toronto provides essential information on the best practices for ongoing whirlpool washing machine maintenance. It is important to inspect hoses routinely for kinks, cracks and wear signs as well as regularly checking for any loose nuts, bolts and wiring connections. It is also recommended to clean the inside of your whirlpool washing machine at least twice a year with a chosen agent such as bleach or vinegar to prevent soap and mineral build-up. Further advice is available from whirlpool washer repair in Toronto to help you keep on top of whirlpool WASHING MACHINE maintenance so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require assistance with your whirlpool washing machine!

Whirlpool Washing machine Appliance Replacement Parts are an excellent solution for repairing whirlpool washing machines in Toronto. Each part is designed to the highest Whirlpool standards and comes with a one-year warranty. With a large inventory of genuine Whirlpool parts, we can help you get your whirlpool washer up and running quickly and easily, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind. We are committed to providing the best customer service and exceptional value for our customers’ whirlpool repair needs.

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Do you need your washer repair in Toronto & GTA? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. Our certified technicians have worked with every make and model of washer that you can think of. Don’t worry if you’ve jerry-rigged some new washer contraption our technicians have probably worked those too. Below are washer brands that we work with, in both gas and electric.

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My tenants called me and advised that the fridge and freezer stopped working. I called Miele and advised that the earliest a service person is available would be in 2 week’s time. By the time I called Man With a Wrench, it was already 6:30pm. Cristina answered the call and was able to arrange for someone to come the next morning. She gave detailed information on how the service will be charged. The service person who came the next morning was professional and courteous. He returned a second time as we needed to thaw the freezer and reset the fridge. He gave great advice on how to avoid the same issues from reoccurring. The charge was reasonable and exactly as quoted. I would highly recommend them.


Richmond Hill, Ontario

After attempting to use other technicians and failing I then decided to obtain the parts myself and use “Man with a Wrench”. When I contacted Chris, he advised me to email him pictures of the parts that I have obtained in order to ensure that I had the correct parts. Thankfully I had all the parts and the same day I had an appointment for the next business day. Despite a severe snow-storm the 2 service technicians (Oleg and Archie) arrived at the allotted time and repaired my microwave. They both wore personal protective equipment and they took the extra precaution of flipping the breaker to the microwave. “Man with a Wrench” was professional, helpful, reliable, and their fee was reasonable. I would have no hesitancy in recommending them to any-one with an appliance issue.


Vaughan, Ontario

From start to finish an equitable, professional service. Prompt response to my request for a quote. The pleasant, helpful woman who called back gave me good flex times the following day. Alex called ahead of time, arrived on time and was just the best fellow! Worked diligently and was mindful of my physical and financial limitations. I am positive I was charged less than standard for fridge and dishwasher repair. Will recommend this place to all of my friends. Thanks again to Alex!


Richmond Hill, Ontario