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At Man With a Wrench, our highly-skilled and certified technicians are ready to tackle any LG washer repairs you may have. Our team can provide same day service if needed with advanced technology that helps them diagnose and repair problems quickly – so your daily routine won’t be disrupted for long! Plus, all of our LG repair washers come with warranty parts just in case something happens down the line. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible experience from your LG appliances – trust us as your one-stop shop for Toronto’s premier repair services.

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For customers living in the Greater Toronto Area, finding reliable LG washer appliance repair service can be challenging. Fortunately, our team of professionals at Man With a Wrench is ready to provide prompt and dependable assistance so that your LG product is running like new as soon as possible. With years of experience and a commitment to delivering quality solutions for all kinds of issues, you can trust that we are the best service for repair and maintenance on your LG washing machine.  We guarantee friendly customer service, quick response times, and affordable pricing.  Our technicians will diagnose the problem quickly and offer components or repair free from defects in material or workmanship.  Contact us today to get back up and running with your LG washer!

Our LG  washing machine appliance repair services offer a solution to all LG  washing machine owners in the Toronto area. With our experienced team of certified technicians, we can handle any LG  washer repair imaginable quickly and efficiently. We understand that when your LG  washer stops working, it’s not just an inconvenience – it disrupts the normal functioning of your home and often creates more of a headache than you bargained for. That’s why our mission is to deliver prompt and comprehensive LG  washer repair in Toronto while also providing top-notch customer service and excellent communication with our clients so that they are satisfied every step of the way.


LG Brand Appliance Repair

Routine LG Washing Machine Maintenance Information

Maintaining a LG  washing machine is essential for keeping your garments clean and looking their best. Taking the time to properly maintain the LG  model you own can help prevent costly LG  washer repairs in the Toronto area down the line. To properly maintain your LG  washing machine, make sure to check regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Additionally, always follow the operating instructions provided with your LG  model before and during each use. Make sure to also wipe down the exterior after use, remove and empty out any lint traps, as well as change water filters and hoses every so often. Taking these relatively simple measures will ensure that not only will your LG  washing machine run efficiently but it will extend its lifespan as well.

Just request us a quote for our LG washer repair and maintenance service, explain your problem, and we will go to your aid on the same day.

Common Maytag Washing Machine Appliance Replacement Parts

LG washing machines are renowned among homeowners and renters alike for their reliability and virtually maintenance-free use. However, like most appliances, parts will eventually need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear or an unexpected malfunction. Common LG washing machine appliance parts include inlet valves, pumps, lint filters and brake assemblies. If a homeowner encounters any of these issues with their LG washer, contacting an experienced professional for appliance repair in Toronto is the best course of action. Navigating the inner workings of a washing machine can be tricky, so trusting the expertise of a certified team can help you get your laundry done quickly and reliably.


Are your LG washer appliances in need of repair in Toronto? Look no further than  Same Day!  Our experienced team of technicians have the expertise to diagnose and properly fix any issue your appliance may face. We have a commitment to excellence and are dedicated to providing efficient same-day services for all LG appliances. With our reasonable rates and quick turnaround time, customers can always count on us for immediate LG washer assistance.  Contact us today and see what Same Day can do for you!

Call us at 1-888-378-2144 for same day LG washer appliance repair in Toronto.



  • LG washer may not be spinning.
  • LG washer may not drain effectively.
  • LG washer drum may fail to turn at all.
  • LG washer may be producing excessive noise.
  • LG dryer doesn’t turn on or off.
  • clothes take too long to dry inside dryer.
  • my LG dryer works, but doesn’t get hot.
  • my LG dishwasher cycles for too long.
  • dishes stay wet and aren’t drying.
  • My LG dishwasher dispenser is leaking dishwasher does not complete cycles.
  • LG refrigerator stopped working completely.
  • LG strange noises from inside or back of the fridge.
  • LG refrigerator appears to “sweat” on the outside.
  • LG oven doesn’t turn on or off.
  • LG oven convection fan doesn’t work.
  • LG oven takes too long to preheat oven door does not form close well.
  • LG oven or stove doesn’t turn on or off.
  • LG cooktop / stove makes too much noise.
  • LG cooktop burner flame is too low or too high I smell gas beside stove cooktop’s.

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We have contacted Alex a number of times over the years for repairs. He has repaired our freezer, washer and dryer. He is honest, on time, his pricing is fair, he is friendly, always invites me to watch him work and will even show me how I can make small repairs. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone!
Toronto, Ontario
Very cool virtual diagnostic for any issue with your appliances, HVAC, electrical and plumbing which is completely free. They let you know whether it’s worth it to repair or not, if there are too many options, they will send a tech out to further diagnose the issue. Very friendly service and competitive prices for the market.
John Walker
Vaughan, Ontario
As a landlord, I use MWAW a lot for appliance fixes and plumbing. They are super responsive, able to get crews out on site very quickly, have access to a good range of expertise, and always get the job done to satisfaction. And they are very reasonable! I use them often and would highly recommend.
Toronto, Ontario

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