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Brands of Washers We Repair

Where is your laundry room? Behind the closet doors? Upstairs? Down in the basement? Because the only thing that will surprise us about your washer is where you keep it. We know exactly how to service your model because we have experience in repairing every type of model. There is more chance that the Leafs will win this year’s cup than us not knowing your make and model of washing machine.

We service:

  • Samsung washers
  • LG
  • Haier
  • Bosch
  • Whirlpool (It always struck us as ironic to call a washer ‘Whirlpool’)
  • Samsung
  • Kenmore
  • Electrolux
  • Amana
  • GE
  • And many many more…

Common Washer Issues

Hmmm…you’re sure you turned the washer on earlier, so why are the clothes still not done? Or have you ever asked why your washer is facing the wrong way like that girl from The Exorcist? Or wondered why it beeps in Morse Code? Wait, maybe only ours does that…

Regardless of whether your washing machine is possessed or not, you should know that there is a science to properly repairing a washing machine. Know the signs. Take the action. Get your washing machine taken care of.

What you’ll probably find are common issues like:

Walking washers – Your washing machine doesn’t want to be restricted, man. It doesn’t like being tied down, OK? It wants to be free, you’re the Man and you’re keeping it from moving around. If your washer tends to be on the move, it could be time to re-balance your load or re-level the machine.

It’s not that the “walking” is the issue. Your washer could still work as advertised, still cleaning your clothes well. But the sloshing water and excessive movement on the drum and belts can lead to issues down the road. Think of your walking washer less as a thrill ride for your children and more an early detection of a bigger problem down the track.

Water level issues: Too much water in the drum? Not OK. Too little water in the drum? Also not OK. Too many drums in the water? You have more problems than I think we could handle. But if your washing machine needs more or less water, that’s also a sign that something is off.

Water leaks: Do you really need someone to tell you that if your washer is spurting water, it’s time to get a washer repair? This is pretty obvious and certainly one of the leading causes for in Toronto to repair washers. By the time your washing machine is leaving big puddles around the floor, it’s well past the point where you need to get it serviced.

Before Calling The Experts, Try This

OK, you’ve spotted an issue, and maybe you need to think about finding the best laundry appliance repairs in Toronto. It’s possible that you could solve the issue yourself, so let’s have a look at some possible home-DIY repairs that we approve of.

Water Issues? Check the valves

For some reason (and to be fair, it’s often blamed on the kids), the water intake valves get switched off. And nobody realizes it until it’s too late. The water doesn’t enter the drum. The clothes don’t get washed. That important meeting goes awry due to a lack of clean clothes, You miss out on the promotion. You spiral deeply into self-loathing and your life crumbles. See how important it is?

Clunking Noise? Check the balance

If you find that your washing machine is trying to tell you something through its loud noises, it could be an unbalanced load, or something more concerning. Make sure your loads are evenly spread in the drum and check the level of the feet. Also, it could be that drum has something caught in there (and to be fair, it’s often blamed on the kids). Check for loose objects that could’ve fallen out of pockets.

Leaky Washer? Check the pipes

Turn on a load and watch the pipes. If there is a small leak, it’s an easy fix to simply replace the pipes from the washing machine. Of course, if you have any leaks out the front, the issue is more complex. If you have a front-loader, you could be using the wrong detergent. They have front-end specific soaps that don’t suds up as much as a top loader washer. This could be forcing water out the front and on the ground.  

Washing Machine Maintenance

If you’re like me at all, the less you see something, the less you think about it. I haven’t seen my feet in years, so who knows what shoes I’m wearing right now if any. But we find that the same goes for washers. People tend to leave them alone and don’t perform regular maintenance to keep their washing machines running smoothly. They just don’t look at them as often as they should.

Check (and Replace) Hoses

Every couple of months, give your washer hoses a thorough inspection. Move them around and check for signs of crack or splits in the hose. Even if you find nothing, it’s a wise idea to replace the hose every 5 years. You might like to change the hoses over to a stainless steel version if you don’t have them already.

Wash Your Washer

Did you know that you have to wash your washer? Not many people do and that’s a good way to get yourself into trouble. For every washer repair in Toronto we do, we find that people aren’t aware that you can buy a specific washer cleaner tablet to run through your appliance. Give your washer an empty run with the detergent to remove any stains or build-up.

Prevent Mould

Because your washer is constantly exposed to water, you need to prevent any mould from forming in the drum. Especially if you have a front-loader. We advise keeping your door slightly ajar after every run, letting the drum air dry to prevent and nasty moulds from growing. Also, every few runs, wipe down the door and front section of the loader.

Although it just takes a couple of minutes, these steps could save you hundreds of dollars and an unnecessary call to us.

Replacement Washing Machine Parts

Here are the common parts that you can find online or at your local home hardware store. The parts are cheap and you can easily replace these parts on your own. Our experienced technicians can help you fit the replacement washing machine parts if you need them. Call us to set up a time for a friendly technician to pay you a visit for your washer repair in Toronto.

  • Specialty screws
  • Washers
  • Gaskets
  • Replacement feet
  • Hinges
  • Lids
  • Agitator repairs
  • Inlet valves
  • Pumps

Washer FAQs

My washing machine doesn’t spin straight.

By straight, we assume you mean that your washing machine is unbalanced. Lift the front and rest it on a couple blocks of wood. Turn the screws to raise or lower the front legs. Once that’s done, tip the washer forward to raise the rear self-levelling legs off the ground and then lower it back down. Check with a level that everything is nice and square.

I get too much water in the drum.

This could be an issue with the drain or the inlet water valve. Check that your drain is free from clogs.

I have leaks behind/in front/under the washer.

Water leaks are no fun. Water leaks hurt someone. Especially if you slip on it. Check that you’re using the correct detergent for your model  Check for splits in the hoses in the back. Check the front gasket for splits or cracks.

Do you know my washer model?

We service washing machines of all models and makes. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and tools to repair your specific brand.

Can I fix my washer myself?

Yes, you absolutely can. Call us to discuss your issue and one of our helpful techs can give you the insider tips to make your own repairs. It just feels good to repair something on your own. For everything else, we’re right here.


Yes, give us a call today to speak to a live attendant on the phone. We have technicians all over Toronto to repair washers no matter where you are. Our certified technicians are helpful and love to explain what they’re doing. Call today to book an appointment for your washing machine repairs.


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