Is Your Washing Machine Worth The Repair Or Is It On It’s Way Out? 🔧

Hmmm…you’re sure you turned the washer on earlier, so why are the clothes still not done? Or have you ever asked why your washer is facing the wrong way like that girl from The Exorcist? Or wondered why it beeps in Morse Code? Wait, maybe only ours does that… 

Regardless of whether your washing machine is possessed by a demon or not, you should know that there is a science to properly repairing a washing machine. Know the signs. Take the action. Get your washing machine taken care of. 

And if you’re ever stuck along the way, one of our technicians will be happy to service you in Toronto or any surrounding area. Here are the signs to look out for:

Your Washing Machine is Loud 👈

I’m not talking about being noisy, but loud. You hear these “Ka-clunk”s reverberating through your soul. That’s the noise that should be concerning to you. If you find that you can make a beat over the noise of your washer, Toronto, a repair is definitely in order.

Water Levels In The Drum 👈

If you have too much water in your drum, that’s a bad sign. If you have too little water in your drum, that’s a bad sign. Do you have a drum in your water? That’s a weird sign.

Too little or too much water in the drum of your washing machine means problems with the intake hose, the valve, a belt, or a couple of other culprits. These are bad signs that mean it’s a good sign to call an expert in to have a look.

Walking Washers 👈

When your washing machine is level, you should get a smooth operation, even with unbalanced loads. Although, in saying that, please check your loads before calling a technician. Although we have the experience with every make and model, it sometimes just comes down to all your jeans are piled up on one end of the washer drum.

It’s not that the “walking” is the issue. Your washer could still work as advertised, still cleaning your clothes well. But the sloshing water and excessive movement on the drum and belts can lead to issues down the road. Think of your walking washer as less a thrill ride for your children and more an early detection of a bigger problem down the track.

Water Leaking 👈

This is pretty obvious and certainly one of the leading causes for people in Toronto to repair washers. By the time your washing machine is leaving big puddles around the floor, it’s well past the point where you need to get it serviced.

No matter what the issue, call us today to get a technician to your home anywhere in Toronto. Washer repairs can be simple if you catch them early on. Call one of our friendly team to book your appointment right now.

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