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Whether its a broken pipe, leaky faucet, or a clogged toilet, the Man with a Wrench team offers comprehensive plumbing services throughout Mississauga. We’ll provide the services you need for an efficient plumbing system you can depend on. If you have a plumbing issue, our experts can fix it. 

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Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



We understand the competition offers the same plumbing services we do. But, they can’t offer the level of service we offer. We’ve built our business on superior service and understanding the value of each of our customers. We don’t just fix drains, and leaks. Instead, we offer solutions suited to the needs of our customers. Our unique values and high standards set us apart whether we provide repairs, installations or maintenance.

For over 20 years, we have learned that each customer is different. As a result, we strive to meet your needs by going above and beyond for even the simplest jobs. Our training and experience in hand with a commitmet to our staff combine to create a one of a kind plumbing company with dedicated technicians who share our values and beliefs. When you choose us, you aren’t just hiring a plumber. Instead you have access to an entire team who doesn’t consider the job done until all of your needs are met. Our goal is to exceed expectations with superior plumbing, electrical and repair services throughout Mississauga. To make things even easier we offer free Virtual Consultations for any of your plumbing Repair inquiries.

Book a free service request with one of our technicians by clicking the Request Service button below. We’re here to assist you with any plumbing repair, installation, or maintenance project you may have. 

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Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



At Man with a Wrench we offer fair prices and honest quotes right from the start. Our goal is to remain competitive in price, but superior in service so we can handle your plumbing needs efficiently. We offer free quotes to assess the situation for accurate estimates. This ensures you understand the work required and the cost involved. You can count on us for free quotes without obligation. We’re confident you’ll choose us based on our friendly service, impressive knowledge and fair prices.  

We stand behind our work so you’re completely covered in case of a faulty part or a reoccuring issue. Our warranty policy is designed to provide added confidence in the services we offer with one-year coverage for parts and labour for any plumbing repair service we perform. Whether it is for your kitchen, washroom, laundry room, sinks, drains or toilets, you can depend on our warranty and our belief in our team.

Our Unique Virtual Diagnostic System brings a trained technician into your home to troubleshoot your plumbing issues virtually. We will walk you through our process so we can make a speedy assessment to save you time and money. Once your issue is diagnosed, we send someone to your location to repair the issues. As a result our technicians are prepared to get the job done right the first time.

Our same-day plumbing repair services are available for our residential and commercial customers throughout Mississauga. Regardless of your issue, we have the trained, experienced technicians and tools to offer simple solutions to get things fixed quickly. No waiting required. Our emergency services are provided by experienced technicians who offer quick solutions when you need them most.

We have partnered with the Four Seasons Hotel, providing all their appliance repair needs. This is just one example of how our experienced, highly qualified technicians service the commercial sector. We work with an impressive list of customers that include major property managers, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, laundromats, retailers and more. If your business has an issue with your appliances, trust the guys the Four Seasons hotel depends on to handle any repair, installation or maintenance service.

The Man with a Wrench Team are highly trained in their field, and committed to keeping up to date with the latest in repair technology. We have the right tools and know how to use them, with experienced technicians who pride themselves in using their knowledge to resolve your issues quickly and affordably. We can handle all of your plumbing repair needs across Mississauga, starting with a quick phone call to learn how we can help.


Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Leak repair Mississauga Ontario


Whether it’s a clogged toilet when you’re expecting company, a leak you can’t seem to locate, or an out and out flood, we’re here to provide the emergency plumbing services you need. Don’t let a plumbing emergency stress you out. Call our team and we’ll assess the situation right away. We’ll send out a technician to fix the issue before too much damage can occur. We offer residential and commercial emergency plumbing services throughout Mississauga. Just give us a call and we’ll get there ASAP.

Plumber near me | Plumbing & Drain service Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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Alex was quick to reply and thorough with his advice. Alex sent over Nazar, who is very detailed and patient. I called them initially for a leak at the garage water source and to instal new bidets. From that appointment, Nazar found out other leaks that could have caused a lot of water damage. Thanks, Alex and Nazar!
Toronto, Ontario
I used this service and extremely glad about it, master replaced my plumbing – a toilet bowl with a barrel, everything is high quality and promptly, I recommend particular this service for everyone!
Vaughan, Ontario
As a landlord, I use MWAW a lot for ally plumbing needs. Whenever a tenant calls about a faulty facet or clog the Man with a Wrench team is always here quickly and gets the job done perfectly. Highly recommend them.
Toronto, Ontario


Mississauga is the 6th largest city in Canada. It is conveniently located within an easy drive to downtown Toronto and Ontario’s largest airport. It has become home to many major employers so many live and work in the Mississauga without the need to commute. This growing community offers a multicultural experience where people discover the wonders of world class cuisine, arts, and culture. There is also plenty of green space to explore.

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