Our team of expert technicians is happy to service your home or property to ensure your oven or stove top appliance is in working order. Plus we offer same day emergency appliance services, so if you’re really in a rut, we’re here to help.  

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 At Man with a Wrench our team of expert appliance repair technicians are happy to service any of your Oven, Range, and Stovetop appliance repair projects. With years of appliance repair experience at our backs we haven’t run into an appliance that we couldn’t fix. We partner with major appliance manufacturers such as Miele to ensure that no matter the oven type, we can fix it. Some of our common oven repair services include: 

  • Electric range repair
  • Electric stove and oven repair
  • Gas range and cooktop repair
  • Built-in oven repair
  • Stand-alone range repair
  • And Many More! 

Book a free service quote with one of our experts and we’ll determine how we can best solve your appliance repair, installation, or maintenance issue. Give us a call! Our appliance technicians would be happy to speak with you to describe our amazing services further.  

Oven Repair


Common Oven & Range Repair Issues

Having a properly working oven means the difference between eating a home cooked meal or not. Seriously, avoid the hassle by diagnosing your own oven appliance repair. This is what you can expect to find as common complaints and issues with your Oven or Stove Top appliance. 

Fuel Source Issues – If you have a natural gas oven, it could be a fuel source that needs to be replenished. Especially for those that use gas bottles, the fuel might have run dry and needs to be replaced. We also get more repairs than we’d like to admit where the plug has accidentally been pulled. Either way, our techs are always on standby to make sure your services as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Temperature Fluctuations – Have a stove that says that it’s at 350 but can’t really muster the ability to melt ice? This is a common issue and can result in burnt meals or underdone meat. You can use a simple temperature gauge to test your oven’s honesty. 

Uneven Cooking – If you find that there are hot spots in your oven, this is often a signal that you need your oven repaired. A burner element can be (ironically) burnt out, causing you to get uneven heating in the oven. Check that all the expected elements are glowing red when you turn them on.

At Man with a Wrench we service commercial and residential applications across Toronto and parts of Canada. On top of ovens and ranges we service washers, dryers, fridges, microwaves, freezers, dishwashers, gas appliances, and so much more.

Routine Oven & Stovetop Appliance Maintenance

Beyond the simple DIY fixes, you can take measures to stop problems before they start. In most cases, appliance repair techniques are simple and easy to do.

Clean Your Oven – Every few months, give your oven a thorough cleaning. Let your oven do its business on the self-cleaning mode. Then go in afterwards and give the interior a good scrubbing. It won’t smell too pleasant, but it will eliminate all the nasty build up within your oven. 

Use a Spill Barrier – To keep food particles from getting where they don’t need to (and to keep it looking nice) use a spill protector. You can use silicone covers to place around your burners to keep food from getting stuck around them. . 

Don’t Clean Your Knobs – Giving your knobs a little wipe down is great for cleanliness, but under no circumstances should the knobs be removed or soaked in water. Soaking a knob in water shorts out the connection leaving it inoperable. So always, leave the knobs on the oven. 

Check Your Gas Line  If you own a gas oven or use gas burners, get your gas line checked every now and then. Gas leaks are one of the leading causes of fires in homes, it’s always better to buy a $12 dollar hose, than it is to have a burnt down house.

At Man with a Wrench we service commercial and residential applications across Toronto and parts of Canada. On top of ovens and ranges we service washers, dryers, fridges, microwaves, freezers, dishwashers, gas appliances, and so much more.


If you want to do any replacements on your stove top or oven, you can find great parts at your local hardware store. Be warned that it requires a professional with experience to handle the gas hookups and electrical issues of your stove and oven. Some common replacement parts include:

  • Bake Elements
  • Stove Top Elements
  • Door Gaskets
  • Drip rings
  • Broiler pans
  • Dial kits

Our technicians have experience in repairs AND installations, so if you’re unsure about whether or not you can do it, call one of our experts. Feel free to book a virtual consultation with one of our technicians, we’d be happy to assist you with any of your stove or oven repair needs. Plus we’ll try our best to help you trouble shoot the issue over the phone. Call Man with a Wrench today for leading class appliance repair across all of Southern Ontario. 


Before running out and calling a technician, most appliance issues can be determined from a simple Google search. Once you know the appliance issue it’s likely that you’ll be able to troubleshoot the appliance repair yourself. 

Look Under the Cooktop Lid  

That’s right, lids on most Ovens can be lifted up! Even stoves with burners are capable of this as so long as they aren’t sealed on. In order to determine a possible cause of your appliances issue, check under the hood to make sure things are in proper order. 

Replace the Appliances Gasket  

Does your oven take a while to heat up? If so, you may want to look at your gasket to ensure everything is in top condition. If your rubber gasket on the door is cracked or old, it could be causing your oven to lose heat. The gasket is quite easy to replace and is an easy fix for a leaking oven. 

Cleaning the Appliances Burners  

As you cook food, grease and crumbs get into the burners of your stove top, clogging up the holes. Remove the burners and give them a good soak and scrub down. Having clean burners not only reduces clogs, but it also prevents fires and odors whenever you cook. 

Kitchen with woman standing in front of oven


Cooking a big family dinner can be hard with a malfunctioning Oven, as much as everyone love microwavable pizza pockets, they’re not suitable for the in laws. Our same day emergency appliance repair saves you the hassle and the worry of a broken-down oven, range, or stove top. As soon as we get the call, we’ll work on dispatching one of our expert technicians to service your appliance as quickly and efficiently as possible (where applicable). Book a service request today to just how well we can serve you.    


Ovens and Stove tops can fail to heat up for several reasons, from loose gaskets to blown wiring. Check that all the elements in your oven are turning red. If you have dark spots, that could signal a burnt element or an electrical issue. 

Either you’re impatient or the oven is actually experiencing heat loss. Check that the gasket on the door is intact and free from cracks. The door should provide a good seal to keep all the heat in. 

This is often a sign of clogged holes on the burner. Remove the burners and soak them in a water/vinegar solution to loosen up the clogs. Brush and dry thoroughly before reapplying to the stove top.  

If the repair isn’t mentioned above, it could because it requires an experienced professional. If you feel like the problem proceeds your capabilities give us a call and we’ll try to troubleshoot the issue with you, if not we’ll perform the repair for you. 

Our warranty covers both labour and parts for an entire year, that’s right, an entire year. If the problem persists after our first visit, we’ll come back and fix it again, no strings, no hassles. 

Man with a Wrench is an equal opportunity employer, we pride ourselves on our diverse and unique team of professionals. With years of experience and training at our backs we are happy to service all of Southern Ontario for their appliance repair, maintenance, and installation needs.   

At Man with a Wrench we service commercial and residential applications across Toronto and parts of Canada. On top of ovens and ranges we service washers, dryers, fridges, microwaves, freezers, dishwashers, gas appliances, and so much more.


What Our Customers Say
About Our Appliance Services

I’ve had some issues with the bottom element of my oven not heating up and called a few appliance repair companies. A lot of other companies put me off or didn’t call back but I got a quick responses from man with a wrench. 
The repair person Chris did a great job. He actually came with the element needed because he thought that it was burnt out. He was able to repair it and diagnose it on the same day by being proactive and buying it before he came to diagnose it. Great service and great response times.
Pickering, Ontario
Right from the start of the process they were very responsive. Came out the next day to diagnose the problem with the oven. Service Tech Andy was great coming into our home during the COVID era. He quickly figured our the problem and said he would get order the part and get approval from the Warranty company to proceed. A week later the part arrived and so did Andy. New board installed in these hi-tech stoves. Will always recommend these guys with or without the wrench.
Woodbridge, Ontario
Had a big problem with 3 year old Samsung Range Oven. I was surprised at how responsive Man with a Wrench was from first contact to the fix. Dealt with an excellent agent on the phone. Andy diagnosed the problem, the warranty company approved it and within a week the part had come in and Andy replaced the main board. Andy was great. Whether I have a warranty or not I will use this company again! 
Toronto, Ontario


Our technicians come with the tools and experience to handle your stovetop and oven models. We can handle freestanding ovens, wall ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, and every type of stove top you can find out there. Here are a few examples that we service: Bosch Ovens, GE, Jenn-Air, Viking, Whirlpool, Wolf, Miele Ovens, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, Samsung, LG, and many more. No matter the brand or type of Oven you have, our team of qualified experts can fix the appliance issue. 

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