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First Class Oven Repair in Toronto – All You Need To Know?

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Ovens and Stove Top Brands We Repair

Some people know cars so well that they can identify the car model simply by the headlights as they pass them on the road.

We play a similar game where we try to identify the model of an oven at first glance. We’re getting pretty good at it. That’s because we’ve been handling all models of stove and oven repairs in Toronto for years. Our technicians come with the tools and experience to handle your stovetop and oven models. We can handle freestanding ovens, wall ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, and every type of stove top you can find out there. Here are a few examples that we service:

  • Bosch Ovens
  • GE
  • Jenn-Air
  • Viking
  • Whirlpool
  • Wolf
  • Miele Ovens
  • KitchenAid
  • Frigidaire
  • Samsung
  • LG

It’s really almost like we are naming the possible brands you can find because that’s where our expertise lies. It comes with the job. If you call us to repair ovens in Toronto, there’s no telling what we’ll find in your home. We have to be ready for it all.  

Common Stove/Oven Issues

There was one year that our family decided to do a roast beef dinner on Christmas rather than the traditional turkey. That was 15 years ago. To this day, Dad still brings up the pain of missing out on turkey on the holidays. Every. Time.

Having your oven working properly could mean the difference between a wonderful holiday time and the constant moaning for years to come. Seriously, avoid the hassle by diagnosing your own oven repair. This is what you can expect to find as common complaints and issues with your cooking appliances.

Fuel Source Issues – If you have a natural gas oven, it could be a fuel source that needs to be replenished. Especially for those that use gas bottles, the fuel might have run dry and needs to be replaced. We also get more repairs than we’d like to admit where the plug has accidentally been pulled. Most homeowners simply forget that their oven and stove require a plugged-in cord to function.

Temperature Fluctuations – Have a stove that says that it’s at 350 but can’t really muster the ability to melt ice? This is a common issue and can result in burnt meals or underdone meat. You can use a simple temperature gauge to test your oven’s honesty.

Uneven Cooking – If you find that there are hot spots in your oven, this is often a signal that you need your oven repaired. A burner element can be (ironically) burnt out, causing you to get uneven heating in the oven. Check that all the expected elements are glowing red when you turn them on.


Before Calling The Experts, Try This

As you diagnose your kitchen appliance repairs, try to make some DIY repairs on your own. It’s OK. We don’t mind. If you can solve your own issue before calling us, you’ll be the hero of your home. Try some of these fixes before calling the professionals.

Look Under The Lid -There are times that our technicians wish they had secret cameras when we do repairs on an oven. Sometimes the look on our clients faces when we lift the lid of their stovetop (often for the very first time) is priceless. “I cannot believe I didn’t know it could do that!!”

If your stove top has burners, your lid can lift as well. If they are sealed on, don’t try, or we’ll get called for different reasons. Check under the lid to see that everything is clean, connected, and in good shape.

Replace the Gasket – Some days, it feels like we deal with more seals than Marine Land (Ba-Dum Tsh!). If your rubber gasket on the door is cracked or old, it could be causing your oven to lose heat. The gasket is quite easy to replace and is an easy fix for a leaking oven.

Cleaning The Burners – As you cook food, grease and crumbs get into the burners of your stove top, clogging up the holes. Remove the burners and give them a good bath. Play soothing music and light a candle if its a particularly clogged hole. This will restore those old burners back to former glory.    

Routine Oven and Stove Top Maintenance

Beyond the simple DIY fixes, you can take measures to stop problems before they start.

Clean Your Oven – Every few months, give your oven a thorough cleaning. Let your oven do its business on the self-cleaning mode. Then go in afterwards and give the interior a good scrubbing. It won’t smell too pleasant, but it will eliminate all the nasty build up and food particulates that your oven has been gathering for a while.

Use a Spill Barrier – To keep food particles from getting where they don’t need to (and to keep it looking nice) use protection. Spill protection, I mean. You can use silicone covers to place around your burners to keep food from getting stuck around them. Also, they’re incredibly easy to clean up after.

Don’t Clean Your Knobs – What’s one of our major callout reasons? People short out their ovens because they cleaned their knobs. I’m not talking about giving your dials a wipe with some paper towel to remove spills. I’m talking about people who are tempted to remove the knobs, dunk them in water and short out the connection when they replace it. How often do you hear NOT to do something as part of your maintenance schedule?  

Check Your Gas Line  – If you own a gas oven or use gas burners, get your gas line checked every now and then. Gas leaks are no joke. That’s what my wife tells me after I eat Mexican. But seriously, get your gas lines checked for leaks and replace them at the first sign of wear. Better a $12 hose than a burned-out house.  

Common Replacement Parts

If you want to do any replacements on your stove top or oven, you can find great parts at your local hardware store. Be warned that it requires a professional with experience to handle the gas hookups and electrical issues of your stove and oven.

  • Bake Elements
  • Stove Top Elements
  • Door Gaskets
  • Drip rings
  • Broiler pans
  • Dial kits

Our technicians have experience in repairs AND installations, so if you’re unsure if you can do it, call the experts in oven and stove repair in Toronto.

Oven and Stove Top FAQs

My oven isn’t heating correctly.
Ok, that’s not really a question, but I know what you’re saying. Check that all the elements in your oven are turning red. If you have dark spots, that could signal a burnt element or an electrical issue.

The oven takes a long time to heat up.

Either you’re impatient or the oven is actually experiencing heat loss. Check that the gasket on the door is intact and free from cracks. The door should provide a good seal to keep all the heat in.

My burners won’t fully ignite.

This is often a sign of clogged holes on the burner. Remove the burners and soak them in a water/vinegar solution to loosen up the clogs. Brush and dry thoroughly before reapplying to the stove top.

When should I call a technician?

If the repair isn’t mentioned above, it could because it requires an experienced professional. You can always call us to talk about the problems you’re experiencing. Who knows? We may just be able to resolve it over the phone with you. But if you’re concerned about your kitchen appliances, call the specialists in oven repair for all of Toronto.  

How is the repair certified?

Are you saying you don’t trust us? Well, then you can trust our warranty and guarantee. We cover your repair with a 12-month warranty that guarantees you all parts and labour associated with the repair. If you experience an identical issue with that oven, we repair it for free.

Call us today to talk about what your oven and stove is doing. We have a live person to take your call and connect you with one of our helpful technicians around Toronto, ready to repair your oven. Use the contact form below to book an appointment or a call back at your convenience. Call now!   


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