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How to Diagnose Your Oven Repair BEFORE You Call A Technician 🔧

There was one year that our family decided to do a roast beef dinner on Christmas rather than the traditional turkey. That was 15 years ago. To this day, Dad still brings up the pain of missing out on turkey on the holidays. Every. Time.

Having your oven working properly could mean the difference between a wonderful holiday time and the constant moaning for years to come. Seriously, avoid the hassle by diagnosing your own oven repair, Toronto, with this simple guide to getting ahead on your stove and oven issues.

Is The Fuse OK? 👈

Having an issue getting anything to work on your oven? Believe it or not, it’s a common cause that the fuse has blown on your appliance and simply needs to be switched back on. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that is as embarrassing to our clients when we show them that the problem could have been solved with the flick of a switch.  

Save yourself the red face by opening up the breaker box and checking that all the fuses are still in the correct position.  

Check The Fuel Source 👈

If you have a natural gas oven, it could be a fuel source that needs to be replenished. Especially for those that use gas bottles, the fuel might have run dry and needs to be replaced. We also get more repairs than we’d like to admit where the plug has accidentally been pulled. Most homeowners simply forget that their oven and stove require a plugged-in cord to function. That also could save you the cost of an oven repair.

Lift the Lid 👈

There are times that our technicians wish they had secret cameras when we do repairs on an oven. Sometimes the look on our clients faces when we lift the lid of their stovetop (often for the very first time) is priceless. “I cannot believe I didn’t know it could do that!!”

If your stove top has burners, your lid can lift as well. If they are sealed on, don’t try, or we’ll get called for different reasons. Check under the lid to see that everything is clean, connected, and in good shape.

Should you need an oven repair anywhere in Toronto, GTA or surrounding areas, call our friendly team to book an immediate appointment. Don’t let meal times get ruined by a faulty oven or stove top. Our techs know the make and model you use and just what it needs to fix it. Call us today.

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