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Refrigerator Brands We Repair

Looking for the perfect fridge repair service in Toronto? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist, and anybody who says otherwise is lying to you. We don’t claim to be perfect, but can we at least claim to be pretty darn close to the best kitchen appliance repair? Sure, why not. Let’s start off our journey by clarifying which brands of fridges we service, although to be honest, it might be easier if we start with what we don’t since that list is MUCH shorter.

We do Whirlpool fridge repairs, KitchenAid fridges, Samsung refrigerators, LG fridges, those fridges that have TV screens in them (why they exist, I don’t know, but we do service them). We service Frigidaire repairs, GE refrigerators, bar fridges, garage fridges, beer fridges (those are my personal favourite), Kenmore fridge repairs, and many, many, many more.

Is there a fridge that we can’t service? Maybe. You know that fridge that Indiana Jones rides in that horrible 4th movie? You know that one that spared him from the nuclear blast? I doubt we could manage to get that up and running, but pre-bomb, we’d certainly have the tools and expertise to handle it.  

It’s not just for bragging rights that we are name-dropping worse than a B-grade celebrity. We spend a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with the various brands. Some models and makes require specialized tools or specific knowledge of that brand. And because we work with fridge repairs all over Toronto, we have to be ready for anything, Miele to Maytag.

Most Common Refrigerator Issues

There are some fridges that we don’t need to repair. Yes, that does sound strange coming from the expert technicians in appliance repair, but we don’t always need to come to service your icebox. There are plenty of common issues that crop up constantly in our job. Yes, we do get the occasional doozy of a repair, but for the most part, the common issues can be quickly rectified without a call to the professionals.

Some of the faults you’ll encounter are easy, cheap to repair and make you look good in front of your wife.

Common issues include a clogged ice maker, a puddled floor around the base of the fridge, or a frosty freezer section. These are often very easy fixes, solved by a little time and maybe $20 at the local hardware store. By all means, tackle these types of issues if you feel confident in your ability. The repairs can be quick, cheap, and much easier than scheduling a maintenance call-out from us.

Before Calling The Experts, Try This

In these days where it’s simple enough to hop on Google or Youtube, you can easily find guides and tips to becoming your own handyman. Not everybody can be like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, a fully-capable human that can repair anything. For the rest of us, there is the internet. If you have to repair a fridge in Toronto, you might be tempted to watch an expert do it flawlessly and think, “Yeah I can do that.”

But can you really fix your own fridge? Should you? Admittedly, I’m a bit biased and will ultimately say that it should be left to the experts. For those of you that are more adventurous, I will also warn you two major concerns with online tutorials:

  1. They are performed by experts. The technicians on those videos are very skilled at what they do, having done it hundreds of times before.
  2. Those videos are edited, spliced, and care to show to only include the repairs that work the first time. They don’t include the bloopers of the handyman hitting his thumb, and tossing out 24 swear words (13 of which you probably didn’t know existed).

It could be a water line that needs to be blown, tightened, or a quick temperature adjustment. You get a nice confidence boost when you blow out a frozen waterline and the ice maker starts chugging out cubes again. Bully for you!

Routine Refrigerator Maintenance

But they say the best prevention is through regular maintenance. Who says that? I’m not sure but it’s framed on our wall at the office. It’s practically a motto that we like to tell all our clients across Toronto. Fridge repairs can be easily avoided if you take regular steps to prevent a small problem from turning into a much more serious issue.

Is your fridge overflowing? A full refrigerator feels good when you’re hungry, but not so good to the systems running your fridge’s cooling. Watch that you don’t have too much stuff blocking the air vents in the fridge. If air can’t circulate, it can’t effectively cool all corners inside.

It’s also worth noting that a fuller fridge stays cooler than an empty fridge. Keep your compressor running smoothly by keeping a good amount of food in there.    

How’s Your Seal? Check on the door of the fridge when you open it next and inspect the rubber seal around the edge. If you have a leaky seal, it’s bad news for the fridge. Cool air escapes and the fridge has to work overtime to keep the food cold.

How do you know if the seal is on its way out? Got a fiver handy? Take your five dollar bill and close the door with the bill half-hanging out of the fridge. Pull the bill out. If it comes out without any resistance, you could have an old gasket that needs to be replaced. But if your bill stays firmly wedged and requires some effort to pull out, this is the sign of a healthy seal.   

How Dusty Is The Condenser? What’s the condenser, you ask? Oh, you’re asking for a friend? Sure. Well, “friend”, the condenser is the coils of tubing that you’ll find underneath or at the back of the fridge. Those coils of tubing suck the heat from inside the fridge and transfer it to the air outside. The cleaner your condenser, the easier that transfer happens. Give your condenser a good clean to remove any dust or residue that could be slowing down the transfer and putting undue pressure on the fridge’s cooling systems. Does your friend understand now? Good.

None of these repairs are hard or expensive. In fact, they can easily be done with the tools you have around the home and could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

Common Fridge Replacement Parts

These repairs we just covered can be easily solved with a few replacement parts that you can find online. Door gaskets are the most common repair item and you can find a good gasket for much less than it costs to buy an entire fridge. Watch that you carefully remove all the screws before pulling off the old gasket. Here’s a handy trick for you. Soften your new gasket in warm water to make it easier to stretch into place on the door.

Other parts you might need include bulbs for the inside light, new crisper pans or shelving, door shelf bins, water and ice filters, or even a loose handle on the outside. Find these replacement parts at your local hardware store, and be careful to match the part numbers to avoid unnecessary headaches.  

Fridge FAQs

How cold should my fridge be?
Colder than warm, and warmer than absolute zero, ideally. A good rule of thumb is to keep your fridge set between 1-3 degrees Celsius (35-40 degrees F).

Can I fix my fridge?

You can, and you should. Many of the repairs your fridge needs are simple fixes. But if you need something more involved, call an expert in your fridge model.  

When do I need to call a fridge repair expert?
If you rapidly lose cooling, if your fridge isn’t on, or it’s leaking massive amounts of water, these are signs that a major repair is needed. You can always call us to talk about your problems if you’re not sure. We might be able to help you fix it yourself over the phone!

What happens if it’s not fixed?
If we call out to repair your fridge, and it’s not done right the first time, we’ll come back and fix it again for free!

How can I trust the work?

To trust that we do it right, we leave you with our guarantee and warranty. That’s 12 months on the parts and labour we use. If you have the same issue again within 12 months, we repair it at our cost. How’s that for a trusted fridge repair?

Looking for the best fridge repair in Toronto? You found it right here. Call us today to discuss your fridge repairs and we can have a technician out to you shortly. We keep our appointments, we repair it right the first time, and we always want your satisfaction first. Contact us today to book your fridge repair.


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