Faulty Fridges: Can You Repair it Yourself? 🔧

In these days where it’s simple enough to hop on Google or Youtube, you can easily find guides and tips to becoming your own handyman. Not everybody can be like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, a fully-capable human that can repair anything. For the rest of us, there is the internet. If you have to repair a fridge in Toronto, you might be tempted to watch an expert do it flawlessly and think, “Yeah I can do that.”

But can you really? And should you? Admittedly, I’m a bit biased and will ultimately say that it should be left to the experts. For those of you that are more adventurous, I will also warn you two major concerns with online tutorials:

1. They are performed by experts. The technicians on those videos are very skilled at what they do, having done it hundreds of times before.

2. Those videos are edited, spliced, and care to show to only include the repairs that work the first time. They don’t include the bloopers of the handyman hitting his thumb, and tossing out 24 swear words (13 of which you probably didn’t know existed).

When To Do Your Own Fridge Repair 👈

Toronto, there are some times when you can tackle the project yourself. Some of the faults you’ll encounter are easy, cheap to repair and make you look good in front of your wife.

Common issues include a clogged ice maker, a puddled floor around the base of the fridge, or a frosty freezer section. These are often very easy fixes, solved by a little time and maybe $20 at the local hardware store. By all means, tackle these types of issues if you feel confident in your ability.

It could be a water line that needs to be blown, tightened, or a quick temperature adjustment. You get a nice confidence boost when you blow out a frozen waterline and the ice maker starts chugging out cubes again. Bully for you!

When To Call A Fridge Service Technician 👈

But your refrigerator does also have complicated parts that require the expertise of a certified technician. Anything involving the compressor or an electronic motherboard needs a professional touch. Some models and makes require specialized tools or specific knowledge of that brand.

If you have tried fixing the issue yourself without luck or simply feel out of your comfort zone, it may be a good idea to call a technician. Our friendly technicians are more than willing to listen to your concerns, and if necessary, book an appointment to see you. And with a guarantee backing all our work, it’s less risky than taking apart the whole fridge yourself.

Sometimes, you can be the handyman of your kitchen. And sometimes, you need the real deal.

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