Major Appliance Installations – Your First Choice in Toronto

In this world of DIY videos and repair experts on every TV show, it’s no wonder that not many people have heard about the other side of our business.

Yes, we do a whole lot of repairs on appliances. We handle the kitchen appliance repairs, the laundry appliance repairs, and every make and model that practically exists. Our repairs all over Toronto have kept us very busy and have earned us a number of 5-star reviews and industry awards. But did you know that we also do appliance installations?

As the best choice in appliance installation in Toronto, let us take the time to introduce the other half of our esteemed services.   

Major Appliance Installations

As we mentioned above, we live in a world of DIY-ers that gain all their knowledge from tutorial videos online. I’m guilty of it myself. I had to do some quick repairs to some scratches and dents in the side of my wife’s car. Let’s just say it was an urgent timeline and had to be done before 5:30 that night…for various reasons I won’t get into. I’m pretty grateful that I was able to quickly look online and get the help I needed to do it myself.

But when it comes to appliance installation, Toronto people tend to have the same mentality. It can’t be that hard. My neighbour did his own. The 19-year-old at the store I bought it at told me I could.  These are what we hear when our clients hear about our services. But let us explain why using a professional to install your major appliances could be a wise decision.

It’s a complicated process

If you need to get a major appliance set up, there are water lines, filters, hookups, tests, valves, clamps, vents, and a whole range of other finer details that need to be done. Unless you have experience in every make and model of appliance (which we have), the necessary tools to do (they’re all onboard) and the time (which we do), you could be quite surprised at how complicated some of these appliances can be. And it’s getting more challenging as newer models contain more technology. It’s no longer as simple as plug-and-play. Now, more than ever, you require a professional who’s skilled in all manner of appliance installations in Toronto.

It protects the factory warranty

You know how you walked out of the appliance store with that brand new appliance, and you went ahead and included the extended warranty? You should NEVER buy an extended warranty. I remember watching Street Cents on CBC and that’s the one thing I remember Jonathan Torrens teaching me. Those things are straight up scams. There’s probably a clause in there that states that without proper set-up, you void that precious warranty and release all responsibility from the factory and store that sold it. Use a professional technician to install your appliance and you’ll protect the original warranty along with the added warranty we give you for our work on the installation.

It prevents damage

Most major appliances are big, bulky, and incredibly awkward to handle. Try mounting a wall-mount oven by yourself, or levelling a heavy washing machine correctly, or moving a fridge from the driveway to your kitchen. Yeah, I foresee a ton of problems with those scenarios. Not the least of which is the potential damage you could do to your home, your flooring, and the appliance itself. I won’t even mention your back. Use a professional with the correct tools who can do it right without scratching or breaking a thing.

It saves you the hassle

It’s incredibly difficult, especially if you live on your own, to find someone who can help you install an appliance. They say those true friends will pick you up from the airport late at night. I would add to that saying that a truer measure of friendship is those who would be willing to help mount a stackable washer and dryer unit in your tiny laundry closet. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a professional installation technician to do it for you.  

Kitchen Appliance Installations

About 98% of the tools and gadgets you have in your kitchen have been “installed” by you. That new can opener? You installed that in the cutlery drawer yourself. That new toaster? You managed to get it on the counter and plugged in all on your own. And don’t get us started on the way you hefted that microwave into place and plugged it in yourself. Awesome job.

But not everything in your kitchen can be as simple as the microwave or toaster.

Fridge Installations

Have you SEEN the size of your fridge? That beast is enormous! And now they can be incredibly complicated. They come with inline water, ice trays, and all need to be hooked up correctly with filters to ensure all is well. We’ve even hooked up those fridges that have TV screens and internet browsing on the front. I don’t personally see the point, but we can install them. Call us to handle your refrigerator installation in Toronto.  

Dishwasher Installations

Your dishwasher is no easier to handle on your own. The whole thing is usually squeezed into some space barely big enough in the cabinetry. Plus, there are a bunch of wires and hoses back here that I wouldn’t recommend anyone tackle on their own. Wait, what’s this black wire doing? Never mind, that’s just a loose thread off my sweater. To a book a time to get a professional technician to handle your install your dishwasher, call us today.

Oven and Stove Top Installations

If there is one aspect of kitchen appliance installations that bother us, it’s the oven and stove. There are so many variables and different models, that’s it’s very tricky to install a new one. But if you’ve decided to replace or upgrade your current oven or stovetop, give our team a call. Just because it’s not our favourite doesn’t mean we’re not good at it. We’re Toronto’s number one choice for oven installations.  

Laundry Appliance Installations

And now, we turn to the laundry room. You’ve got gas dryer, electric dryers, front-load washers, timed washing machines, top-loader washers, small units, big units, and dual units that stack away in a closet somewhere. To handle all your laundry installations, give us a call.

Washing Machine Installations

Could it be any easier to buy a washing machine these days? You can find great models online, at your local appliance store…heck, you can find some pretty decent models on Kijiji. Although it might be hard to meet somebody at the local 7-11 to grab their washer. For all the possible makes and models of washer installations, use our friendly team to get them installed correctly.

Dryer Installations

You’ve got heating elements and complicated wiring to handle on your dryer. Not to mention that without correct venting, you could be putting your dryer at risk of early burnout. We say it’s not worth the risk, so book a professional dryer installation in Toronto by calling our technicians to come to do it for you.

Appliance Installation FAQs

Can I book in advance?

Of course you can. Although we do offer emergency appliance repairs, we can certainly book an appointment that suits you in the future. Just call one of our helpful technicians, explain your model, and let us know what time suits you. We’ll do our best to install your appliance at your convenience.  

How long will it take?

Grandpa used to say that “a watched pot never boils” when I asked questions like this/ Guess what, Grandpa? I tried it and the pot actually boiled as I watched it. All that to say that it won’t take any time at all. Once we know your model and brand, and where you need it, we can let you know exactly how long it will take. We never want to inconvenience you, so we’re upfront about our estimates from the beginning.

Can I get an estimate?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we can have an estimate before you make the booking, And you have the confidence that all our pricing is upfront so you’re never surprised by the bill.

I have an ABC model to install, can you do those?

Yes, we can. It’s our bread-and-butter to know all the types and models of appliance installations we do in Toronto. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience, even in the most complicated models.

If you’d like to book an appointment, contact us with your details and what you need to be done. We’d be happy to arrange a technician to make an appointment, show up exactly when he said he would, and install your major appliance without hassle or fuss. To speak to our helpful staff, call us today!  

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