Is my dishwasher worth repairing or should I just buy a new one? 

That is the question. Alas, dishwasher, I knew thee well. But is it time to say goodbye – or to say hello to one of our certified dishwasher repair technicians who are happy to service you in Toronto and all surrounding areas. To know whether you should repair or replace your dishwasher, we have to ask the right questions.

Is It A Minor Issue? 👈

Are your dishes still dirty from when you turned on your dishwasher from overnight? Unless you have magic elves that replace all your clean dishes with dirty ones (and that only happens like 20% of the time, in our experience), you might have just a minor issue.

Items like dish soap dispensers and door seals can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your dishwasher. But they require very little effort or cash to fix. Let’s determine the actual problem before we start loading up your car to take a trip to the dump.

How Much Will It Cost? 👈

The range of dishwashers on the market can vary from an El Cheapo that you found on Kijiji which has a very suspect background all the way up to a dodgy seller to the top-tier dishwashers that practically dish up your food for you as well as clean them.

Once we can determine the cost of the repair, we can weigh in on whether it’s worth it to complete the job. Allow us to do an estimate on your dishwasher repair and we’ll clear up the price discrepancy and whether it’s convenient to simply replace the unit altogether.

Will The Repair Benefit Outweigh A New Dishwasher? 👈

But it’s more than just a “which one is cheaper” decision. Could the relatively high cost of a repair cause your dishwasher to last a few more years? Or maybe the more expensive option of buying a new unit and calling our experienced technicians to install it would be a better choice. New units are designed to be more economical, quieter, and reduce your energy usage. That savings could make the purchase worthwhile in the long run compared to a beat-up dishwasher that needs constant attention.

Need to repair your dishwasher in Toronto? Whether it’s a repair or a replacement call us today to use the best in the business. Our technicians have been servicing the very model of the dishwasher in your house for years. And with our industry-leading warranty in place to protect you, what’s the risk?   

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