KitchenAid Appliance Repair ?

For the last time, hitting your Kitchenaid dishwasher is not going to make it clean better. Of course, it works with laptops and black and white TV screens in cartoons, but percussive maintenance just doesn’t work for your appliances. Luckily for you, Kitchenaid repair is our specialty. We bring the biggest and best hammers, and we actually know where to hit.

Although that may or may not be true, there are certainly times when you feel like bringing out the hammer to do your repairs. Years of experience teaches us that there are, in fact, better ways to repair your Kitchenaid appliances.

Which KITCHENAID appliance is broken?


Washing machine repair:

  • washer may not be spinning.
  • washer may not drain effectively.
  • washer drum may fail to turn at all.
  • washer may be producing excessive noise.

Refrigerator repair:

  • refrigerator stopped working completely.
  • strange noises from inside or back of the fridge.
  • refrigerator appears to “sweat” on the outside.

Dryer repair:

  • dryer doesn’t turn on or off.
  • clothes take too long to dry inside dryer.
  • my dryer works, but doesn’t get hot.

Oven repair:

  • oven doesn’t turn on or off.
  • oven convection fan doesn’t work.
  • oven takes too long to preheat oven door does not form close well.

Dishwasher repair:

  • my dishwasher cycles for too long.
  • dishes stay wet and aren’t drying.
  • the dishwasher dispenser is leaking dishwasher does not complete cycles.

Stove repair:

  • oven or stove doesn’t turn on or off.
  • cooktop / stove makes too much noise.
  • cooktop burner flame is too low or too high I smell gas beside stove cooktop’s.

Kitchenaid Appliance Service

All throughout Toronto, we’re hard at work servicing the needy, the broken, and the dying Kitchenaid appliances in your home. We’re like the Mother Teresa of appliance repairs, graciously going above and beyond, forgoing our own health to better service your appliances. For your oven, fridge, or Kitchenaid dishwasher, parts and labour are completely covered by our “saintly” warranty offer. To choose anyone else would be blasphemous.

Oven & Stovetop Repair & Troubleshooting

Fridge Repair Repair & Troubleshooting

Dishwasher Repair & Troubleshooting

Better Kitchenaid Repairs

Seek and you shall find. That’s what you can do when you look for the best appliance repairs all throughout the Greater Toronto Area. From Brampton to Burlington, our service technicians are always on call for you.

Knock and the door will be opened. At least, that’s what we hope you’ll do when we arrive to repair your Kitchenaid appliances. When you book an appointment, our technicians arrive at your door the very next day with 100% genuine parts and years of experience to service your appliances.


Kitchenaid…In the Kitchen

It’s kinda right there in the name, isn’t it? Kitchenaid appliances are often found in the kitchen, so it’s naturally where we start. Although we don’t cover the classic Kitchenaid mixer repair, we do handle all the bigger appliances in your home. We will lay hands on your fridge, your oven, your dishwashers and ask that they are blessed with new life. Rise and walk? We can’t promise that. But our repairs would be considered miraculous after your lifeless appliances once they begin to function after our repairs.

Kitchenaid…In the Laundry

I’ll bet all the other appliance companies are insanely jealous that Kitchenaid has stepped into new rooms in your home. Not that they always work as they should, but that’s OK because you can call us. Before your clothes start to look and smell like the streets of Calcutta, our Patron Saints of the Washer and Dryer will be at your door to restore them to full health. Let us be your mobile Kitchenaid Canada customer service center, bringing the repairs right to you, and often on the very next day. Look, you don’t even have to pray to reach us. It’s a simple phone call and we always answer.


Ask and it shall be given to you. You want better appliance repairs in Toronto? Granted. You pray for amazing warranty protection on any repairs done? Granted. You’d like to find a trusted Kitchenaid appliance specialist with great prices and friendly service? Granted, with repairs so good, you could almost call them holy. Call us today to book your next service call.


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